Fix Veri Shades® or Vertical Blind Blade Not Turning

By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 5th December 2022
This applies to Veri Shades® and the older version of our Vertical Blinds. Our current Vertical Blinds use different carriers that do not have removable hooks so this fix is not suitable for our current Vertical Blinds. 

Test Blind

1. Test the Blind to identify which blades are causing issues.
identify the broken blade

Remove the Surrounding Blades

2. Remove the blades that are surrounding the problem blade.
remove the blades

Identify the Problem

With the blades now removed you should be able to see that the carrier hook is not correctly aligned with the other hooks.
remove the vertical or veri shade hook

Remove the Hook

Use one hand to provide stability to the carrier. Use your other hand to carefully click the clear plastic hook out of the carrier.
fix a veri shade or vertical blind blade not turning

Install the Hook

Adjust the hook so that it is facing the same direction as all the other hooks. 
Click it back into the carrier.
fix vertical blind blade not turning

Realign the Hook

To straighten the hook you can turn the wand until you feel a little resistance. Once you feel the resistance continue to crank 3 times to align the blades.
Before reinstalling the blades check to ensure that the hook is functioning correctly.
fix veri shade blade not turning

Replace the Blades

Replace the blades you have removed to complete the fix!
fix veri shade blades not turning

And You're Done!

Congratulations you have successfully fixed a Vertical or Veri Shades® blade that was not turning.

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