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At Betta Blinds and Awnings, we take pride in offering innovative solutions to meet the diverse shading needs of our valued clients. Our Straight Drop Lock Down Awnings are no exception, these Lock Down Awnings are similar to internal roller blinds in design and construction, with simplicity and cost-effectiveness in mind. 

These awnings are ideally installed to create shading where continual access is not required, like with walkways, patios and other outdoor spaces. Extend and lock into position with the supplied lock-down latches, or retract and keep out of sight when not used. 

With their user-friendly design, you can effortlessly extend our Lock Down Awnings and lock them into position using the supplied lock-down latches. Transform your outdoor spaces with the efficiency and elegance of our Lock Down Awnings. Experience the ease of installation, the durability of Australian-tailored construction and the peace of mind that comes with our five-year no-rust guarantee. 


Crank Operation


Available in either Crank Handle manual gearbox or fully Motorised. 
Motorisation options available from: Rollease Acmeda, Alpha and Somfy, with the option to control the awning via your Wi-Fi and voice activation. Either a  Weatherbox or Semi Cassette are recommended if motors are installed.


Available in a selection of quality Mesh or Acrylic materials. We have a huge array of colours and designs to suit your taste and match your existing colour scheme or to make a bold statement. 
Mesh materials will create shade, privacy and airflow while not obscuring your outlook. Acrylic materials will create full block if you are impacted by intense sun and want to create full privacy.

Features, Benefits and Options

  • Crank Handle sizes ranging from 900mm to 2400mm
  • Motor options from: Automate, Alpha and Somfy
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Lock Down Latches supplied
  • Widths up to 5000mm
  • Warranted Drops to 2700mm
  • Weatherbox or Semi Cassette optional
  • Valance 
  • Custom Colour Powder Coating available

Stainless Steel Latches

Lock Down your awning to create tension and minimise movement.

Bottom Rails

Availaible in White, Black, Classic Cream, Paperbark, Monument and Woodland Grey

Semi Cassette or Weatherbox

If your installation is exposed to the elements it may be a good idea to consider an optional  Weatherbox or Box 120 Semi Cassette (pictured). If you are selecting motorised operation this is a must. Both will do a great job in protecting the material, components, motor and extrusions from the elements and are available in colours to match your bottom rail, with options to select custom powder coat colours. (Surcharges apply)

What Do You Get When You Invest in Betta Blinds’ Lock Down Awnings?

Enjoy the following benefits when you invest in our Lock Down Awnings:

  • Accessibility — Our Lock Down Awnings are carefully designed with simplicity in mind, providing an easy-to-use and durable shading option for your property. 
  • Weather Resistance — With our awnings' wind-resistant and flap-reducing design, you can enjoy a tranquil outdoor space even in gusty conditions. The lock down latches create tension in the fabric, minimising movement and reducing annoying flapping noises. 
  • Durability — We are so confident in the durability of our awnings that we offer a Five-Year No Rust Component Guarantee, providing you with peace of mind and assurance in your investment.
  • Different Sizing Options — Whether you need them for narrow walkways or spacious patios, we can manufacture these awnings in widths up to 5000 mm, catering to various spaces and settings. Additionally, with warranted drops of up to and including 2700 mm, you can choose the ideal height for your shading requirements, ensuring maximum comfort and coverage.

Standard Colours:

Available for Bottom Rails, Weather Boxes and Semi Cassettes. 

Classic Cream


Woodland Grey






... with custom Dulux Colours available

At Betta Blinds and Awnings we only use quality components for the fabrication of our awnings. Five Year No Rust Component Guarantee.



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A custom retractable awning allows you to raise or lower your awning to any position you want without having side channels. This improves airflow because the sides can be open. As a result, this design makes it great for patios, pergolas, external windows and outdoor living areas.

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