Types of Curtains

By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 7th June 2023

So you're looking to freshen up your space with some Curtains? You might be feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of choices available. In this article, we cover the most popular types of Curtains and also provide some tips on how to choose the best type for your space.
types of curtains

Why Choose Curtains?

Curtains are a fantastic option to increase privacy and reduce heat. In addition to the functional benefits, they are also popular because of their aesthetic appeal. Curtains provide a softer look than Blinds and come in a stunning range of unique styles and colours. This article will help you decide which type will work best in your home.

The Curtain heading is an important factor in determining how the Curtains will look. The heading is located at the top of the fabric 

Different styles of headings can change the look of your Curtains. The properties such as fullness and volume will be determined by the type of heading you choose.


- Soft stylish look
- Blockout fabrics offer great thermal performance
- Large range of fabric options
- Different headings to suit your style


- Higher chances of staining or marks
- More frequent cleaning than Blinds
- May take up more space than Blinds

Heading Types

  • S-Wave/S-Fold
  • Gathered
  • Reverse Pleat
  • Double Pleat
s-fold curtains

S-wave or S-fold Curtains

S-wave Curtains are an increasingly popular style. S-wave Curtains (also called s-fold Curtains) get their name from the distinct wave-shaped fold that forms at the top of the fabric.

The S-wave is great for creating a soft and modern look. One difference between the S-wave and other Curtain types is that the fabric will hang a little below the track. This allows the folds to be formed.

gathered curtains


Gathered Curtains provide a classic look and are great for use in traditional-style homes. The small folds are closely gathered together to create a smaller pleat that runs across the entire length of the heading.

While gathered pleats have a more classic look, the pleats still have a relaxed and casual style that can work great in a range of different interior styles.

reverse pleat curtains

Reverse Pleat

Reverse Pleats have the pleats formed on the back of the Curtain fabric rather than the front. This creates a unique style that is right at home both modern and traditional interior designs.

With the pleats being formed on the back of the fabric, the fabric has a simple and minimal look that makes it a versatile option.

double pleat curtains

Double Pleat

The double pleat is a popular style of Curtain heading that uses two folds of fabric to create fuller-looking pleats.

The double pleat style is commonly used to achieve a traditional look.

Light Control

In addition to the style of heading, the type of fabric you choose for your Curtains will also play a role in its overall look and its ability to block out light.

Learn about the different fabric options below.

block out curtain

Block Out

Block out fabrics are a popular option and are perfect for spaces where light control is your main priority. Block out fabrics are usually thicker and heavier than sheer fabrics and also perform better at reducing heat transmission. Block out fabrics are a popular choice for bedrooms.

sheer curtain


Sheer fabrics are great for increasing daytime privacy while also gently filtering the light. Unlike their block out counterparts, sheer fabrics will still allow light to filter through. 

This is perfect for areas where you want to maintain a degree of privacy while also allowing natural light to illuminate your space. Sheer Curtains are great for creating a light and airy feel for your interior.

Dual Curtains

If you're looking to combine the benefits of sheer and block out fabrics you can opt for a Dual Curtain. This Curtain type features two tracks that allow you to enjoy the benefits of both sheer and block out Curtains.

They provide you with the option of having a sheer Curtain for privacy throughout the day while also getting the benefit of a block out at night.

Types of Curtain Tracks

There are two main track types that we offer however there are also other options on the market. If you are using a heading type that covers the track, the style of track you choose will not have much of a difference.

square curtain track

Milan Square Track

The Milan Square Track is the most popular track in our range thanks to its simple and sleek look. It is perfectly suited for a wide range of Curtain types and can work well in a variety of different interior styles.

round curtain track

Milan Curved Track

Our curved track is a more stylised option that is great in homes where you want to add a touch of luxury.


There are a few different options when it comes to operating your Curtains.

Hand Drawn

Hand Drawn Curtains do not feature a motor to operate them. You simply use your hand to hold one side of your fabric to adjust it into position. Hand Drawn Curtains can also be fitted with a flick stick for added convenience.

A flick stick (also called a Curtain Wand) is a small wand that is added to help you glide your Curtain along the track. The benefit of a flick stick is that you avoid touching the fabric which might help reduce finger marks on lighter fabrics.


Adding motorisation to your Curtains is a must for those looking for the most convenient option. Operate your Curtains from the comfort of your bed. 

Our Versa Curtain Motor features a soft stop that slows as the Curtain closes for the perfect finish. The unique Versa Motor offers flexible installation with hard-wired continuous power or a rechargeable battery pack for wire-free installation.  

motorised curtain

The Bottom Line

Curtains are a great way to add style and shade to your home interior. With a number of different heading options and materials to choose from, you can create the perfect Curtains to blend seamlessly with your interior design.

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