Drop Arm Awnings

Drop Arm Awnings operate by using concealed springs in the arms to extend the awning away from the face of the building. This creates a larger area between the awning and the window or opening, enabling greater air flow for your comfort. Drop Arm Awnings are designed to withstand adverse weather, control harsh sun conditions and uncomfortable heat. 

Our Betta 4000 Drop Arm Awnings are available with a projection up to 1.6m and width of 5m, making this the perfect choice to create shade, airflow and privacy.

Choose from our extensive list of external materials to create the perfect solution for your needs.

Discover our award-winning craftsmanship

When you partner with us, you get access to our award-winning national wholesale manufacturing, bringing you not just a product but a statement. Our Betta 4000 Drop Arm Awnings are crafted with precision, offering customisable shade, UV protection and durability against diverse weather conditions.

As a trusted name, our awnings provide an affordable and user-friendly solution for businesses and homeowners alike. Explore our range of customisations for the Betta 4000 Drop Arm Awning today and discover the unmatched versatility and quality that Betta Blinds and Awnings brings to the table.


Available in a selection of quality Mesh or Acrylic materials. We have a huge array of colours and designs to suit your taste and match your existing colour scheme or to make a bold statement. 

Mesh materials will create shade, privacy and airflow while not obscuring your outlook. 

Acrylic materials will create full block if you are impacted by intense sun and want to create full privacy.


Available in either Crank Handle manual gearbox or fully Motorised. 
Motorisation options available from: Rollease Acmeda, Alpha and Somfy, with the option to control the awning via your Wi-Fi and voice activation. Weather box recommended if motors are installed.



Features, Benefits and Options

  • Heavy Duty Aluminium Spring Loaded Arms
  • 80mm Aluminium Top Tube
  • Aluminium Brackets
  • Crank or motorised options
  • Weatherbox
  • Valance

Crank Handle or Motorised

Heavy Duty Aluminium Spring Loaded Arms

Become a distributor or find a retailer offering our premium drop arm awnings

Elevate any space with our exceptional drop arm awnings that perfectly blend style and functionality. 

As a national wholesale manufacturer renowned for our premium range of contemporary and versatile interior blinds and external awnings, you can easily contact our team if you’re a distributor looking to sell our products. 

Alternatively, get in touch, and we can connect you with a retailer in your area who would be delighted to assist in helping you find your desired blinds or awnings. 

With Betta Blinds and Awnings, you can transform any space with the assurance of award-winning craftsmanship and reliability.

Standard Weather Box Colours:

Side Arms and Bottom Rails are available in only Black, Classic Cream and White colours.

Classic Cream


Woodland Grey






... with custom Dulux Colours available

At Betta Blinds and Awnings we only use quality components for the fabrication of our awnings. Five Year No Rust Component Guarantee.


A drop arm awning is a type of retractable awning that features hinged arms that extend and retract, allowing the awning to be adjusted to different angles. These arms drop down and outward, providing shade and protection from the sun. 

At Betta Blinds and Awnings, we offer our premium Betta 4000 Drop Arm Awnings manufactured with customisable materials and operation options to suit your needs. Whether you’re a distributor or looking for a local retailer selling our premium products, reach out to us today at +61 07 5450 1565 to find and order the perfect drop arm awnings.

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