The Betta Shutter Range

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The Betta Shutter Range

Create Privacy, Shading and Aesthetic appeal in your home or business space with the Betta Range of Shutters.



The Betta Shutter Range

Choose from a selection of Australian Made or Imported Shutters in a selection of Timber, Poly or Hybrid materials.


Betta Shutters | Timber Shutters and PVC Shutters

We are happy to announce the release of the Betta Blinds and Awnings Shutter Range, comprising of two main categories: Australian Made and Imported Shutters. Betta Imported Shutters are available in three material types, Timber, Hybrid and PVC and will cover all your shutter requirements. Betta Australian Made Shutters are available in PVC, have shorter production lead-times but have limitations regarding sizing, material composition and available colours. Both are excellent options for providing shading and privacy with modern aesthetic appeal for your home or business space.

For specific product details with advantages and limitations please see Overview and Options.

Go directly to these sections: Hinged Systems, Dividers, Track Systems, Special Shapes, Fixed Panels or Fixed Louvres.

Overview and Options

Betta Poly Shutters - Australian Made have the benefit of being manufactured right here in Australia and this virtually halves the lead-times in comparison to the Betta Poly, Hybrid and Timber Shutters. They are manufactured using Phthalate Free extruded materials with VOC levels tested and proven to be well below the Australian Standards requirement. Betta Poly Shutters - Australian Made are ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms, laundries, kitchens or wherever water is likely to come into contact with the shutters e.g. windows left open with the shutters potentially exposed to rain. Aluminium insertions are extruded within the stiles and louvres to increase the shutter strength and reduce the overall weight. Betta Poly Shutters - Australian Made are termite and fire resistant with the capcitiy to manufacture panels in widths up to 880mm. Limitations to these shutters include: Special Shapes, Horizontal T-Posts with Tier on Tier or Fixed Louvres are NOT available.


  • Frames, Stiles, Rails & Louvres: PVC

Dimensions: Min & Max

  • Max Single Panel Width: 880mm

  • Max Multi Panel Width: 500mm

  • Min Single & Multi Panel Width: 200mm

  • Max Panel Height: 2700mm

  • Min Panel Height: 300mm


  • 89mm


  • Water Based Paint: Pure White

Installation Styles

  • Hinged - Includes 2 tier, Double Hinged Panels, Bay and Corner Windows.

  • Bi-Fold

  • Sliding

  • Fixed Panels

Hinged Systems

We have a great selection of hinged shutters available that will meet all of your installation requirements. Selections include: Standard Hinged, Double Hinged, Bay Windows, Corner Windows, Tier On Tier and Special Shapes. Choose from Timber, Hybrid and Poly materials to get the best option to meet your needs. 

Betta Shutters can readily be installed into Bay and Corner Window openings with the combination of our Bay or Corner Posts with T-Posts.

Double Hinged Shutters reduce the shutter opening radius and are available in panel widths from 500mm up to 550mm, depending on the shutter type selected.

Hinged Configurations


L = Panel hinge left
R = Panel hinge right
D = D-Mould e.g. L-DR: The D-Mould is attached to the right hand panel and right closes over left.
T = T-Post. Always measured from the left to the centre of the post.
C = Corner post
B = Bay post

Configuration Examples: L, R, L-DR, LD-R, LD-RTLD-R, LBLD-RTLD-BL, LCLD-RTLD-CL.

Double Hinged
Hinged with T-Post
Double Hinge with T-Post
Bay and Corner Window Top View
Bay and Corner Window Front View

Shutter Dividers

Shutter Dividers fall into two catogories, Tier on Tier and Midrails. Dividers are required when shutter heights are 1800mm and over, and a second divider is required when the height is 2700mm and over. This can be a combination of either Tier on Tier and one or two Midrails. Divider heights are measured from the base of the recess (inside), or base of the frame (outside), to the centre point of the divider.

Example 1: If the ordered height is 3600mm, and Tier on Tier is ordered with the divider at 1800mm, 2 Midrails will be required, one on the top and one on the bottom tiers. 

Example 2: If the ordered height is 3600mm, and Tier on Tier is ordered with the divider at 2700mm, 2 Midrails will be required on the  bottom tier.

Horizontal T-Posts are available with Tier On Tier installations in Betta Timber, Poly and Hybrid Shutters. (Not available with Betta Poly Shutters - Australian Made.)

Tier On Tier
Two Tier with horizontal T-Post
Midrail x 1
Midrail x 2

Track Systems

Bi-Fold and Sliding Track Systems are available offering great options for small and large openings alike. Both systems may be installed inside or outside the opening recess. A top Fascia is mandatory for both Bi-Fold and Sliding Track systems (Fascia surcharge applies).

Bi-Fold Shutters: Frame installation options are: Boards with Rebated Track, Track - No Bottom Board, or No Bottom Board or Track. Panel widths up to 550mm*. Only available with 64 and 89mm Louvres. Even panel quantities only (as opposed to odd). When Bi-Fold Shutters stack left and right the centre panel stiles have a Rabbet style connection to block light etc.

Sliding Shutters: Frame installation options are: Boards with Rebated Track, Track - No Bottom Board, or T-Guide - No Bottom Board. Panel widths up to 950mm*. Only available with 64 and 89mm Louvres. Options for Louvres to be Open or Closed when Sliding.

*Determined by the shutter type ordered.

Track Configurations


  • LL = 2 Panels stacking Left 
  • RR = 2 Panels stacking Right
  • Example: LLLL-RRRR = 4 panels left, 4 panels right


  • B = Panel on the Back track working from the left 
  • F = Panel on Front track working left to right
  • Example: BFB is Back, Front, Back

Bi-Fold: LLRR
Bi-Fold: LLLL
Bi-Fold: Side View
Sliding: BFB
Sliding: FBF
Sliding: Side View

Special Shapes

We have the capacity to manufacture Special Shapes in the following products: Betta Timber Shutters, Betta Hybrid Shutters and Betta Poly Shutters*. Examples of Special Shapes are outlined below. We have options for Stationary Shutters to be installed and positioned in the frame with magnets. Hinged Shutters can be installed with the same configurations as mentioned above, there may however be limitations based upon the desired shape.  Two Tier Shutters are additionally available.

Drawings and cut-out Templates with accurate dimensions will be required prior to commencing manufacture on any order. If unsure of any information please contact our sales team prior to quoting.

*Not available in Betta Poly Shutters - Australian Made.

French Door

Fixed Panels

U-Channels are installed top and bottom in the window recess and the Shutter Panels are fitted and positioned within the channels in a similar manner to flyscreens. Panels can be easliy removed by simply lifting the panel up and angling out of the channel. 

This however sould not be confused with Fixed Louvres (see below) as Louvres can be optioned to either: Rotate open and closed OR be in a fixed position.

Two channel types / sizes are offered to meet your requirements: Type A and Type B. Please see images for cross-section and dimensions.

Shutter U-Channel Type A
Shutter U-Channel Type A
Shutter U-Channel Type B
Shutter U-Channel Type B

Fixed Louvres

Fixed Louvres are manufactured with a set Louvre position and there is the absence of a tilt mechanism or rod. Louvres can be fixed closed or open to a certain degree, however open louvres can only be made within the limitations of the stile.

Fixed Louvres can be applied all Shutter installation styles.

Fixed Louvres - Closed
Fixed Louvres - Open


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Betta Blinds Shutters (Imported)
  • Poly Material: 25 Years
  • Structure: 15 Years
  • Paint: 5 Years
  • Stain: 2 Years

Betta Blinds Australian Made Shutters
  • Poly Material: 25 Years
  • Structure: 15 Years

** Warranty covers product failure - Excludes normal wear and tear.

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