What are Veri Shade Curtains?

By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 14th October 2021

Veri Shades® are what happens when two classic window furnishings collide to produce something fantastic. They blend the functionality of a Vertical Blind and the soft look of a Curtain, making them a brilliant option for people looking to achieve privacy while requiring the lightness afforded by sheer fabrics.

Veri Shade Curtain

Why Should I Consider Veri Shades® Curtains?

One of the distinctive benefits is that they work perfectly in places where other blinds might fall short of the ideal. Bifold and sliding doors are perfect examples of this application. 

Like Vertical Blinds and curtains, they can be easily moved left or right to quickly enable unobstructed flow through doorways making them a popular premium alternative to Vertical Blinds.

Additionally, the single-track design provides more space in your rooms, only taking up half the space that would be required for most curtains. 

veri shade blinds in office
Here are our key Veri Shades® takeaways if you’re in a rush.
  • Perfect for sliding doors
  • Easily walk-through individual blades
  • Privacy and mesh fabric sections 
  • Subtle textures and timeless colours
  • Won’t completely block out light
  • Reveal fit is not recommended

What are the Key Features of Veri Shades® Curtains?

Veri Shades® blinds are made up of numerous fabric blades clipped together, then hung onto small plastic hooks housed within the track. The fabric features an alternating pattern of mesh and privacy fabric sections and when clipped together creates a curtain-like aesthetic.

The blind works similarly to a vertical blind, easily sliding horizontally across the track, with different bunching options available. The blades are rotated using a tilt rod which exposes either the privacy or mesh side of the blades, thereby allowing precise light control.

Soften Window Light

Other blind types require a bottom rail to ensure they remain straight and perform correctly. This can often make them look a little rigid or harsh in some interiors, not ideal if you’re trying to achieve a beautifully soft coastal interior. The unique fabric avoids this issue altogether as its design requires no bottom rail, this also helps to create a gentle and soft look as the blades can flow unrestricted in the breeze.

An additional benefit that may not be obvious at first is this type of blind help to create a seamless flow between your indoor and outdoor areas. Can you imagine having to roll up your roller blind or roman every time you wanted to venture out to your outdoor living area? …. not ideal. Veri Shades® curtains can be partially retracted, and you can walk in between the individual blades.

Motorised Veri Shades®

Adding motorisation to your blinds is the perfect way to improve convenience and take your window furnishings to the next level. Motorisation allows your blinds to be easily operated using a remote. Motorisation while both highly convenient and practical also helps to convey a sense of luxury throughout your home… or you can just use it to impress your friends. 

veri shade blinds

Limitations to Consider

No blind or curtain is perfect, and all come with unique strengths as well as limitations. Considering these limitations will help you to make an informed decision and pick the perfect option for your home. Veri Shades® Blinds have large blades which will create large gaps if fitted as a reveal fit, as a result, reveal fit is not recommended for these blinds.

The light and soft look limits them to reducing and softening the light in a space rather than completely blocking it. While they still do a fantastic job of cutting down on light they won’t be as effective as block out blinds. So, if blocking the light completely is part of your window furnishing objective then other options should be considered. 

Another consideration is that due to the free-flowing nature of the blades they will not hang directly straight down but will rather twist gently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Veri Shades® block out?
They are made of privacy and sheer fabric panels and will darken and soften the light, but not completely block it. 

Are Veri Shades® any good?

They are a fantastic alternative to regular curtains and the fabric creates a wonderfully soft look. 

How do Veri Shades® work?
They work in a similar way to Vertical Blinds or Curtains. They can be moved along the window using a wand or they can also be motorised. 

How to clean Veri Shades®?
Veri Shades® fabric can be lightly hand washed and dried and can also be ironed on a cool to
warm setting (up to cotton setting depending on iron. Lay a cloth on top of the fabric so that
the iron is not directly in contact with the Veri Shade fabric).

What are my Colour Options?

There is a large collection of different colours that ensure they will complement your home. Additionally, the mesh component of the fabric comes in a range of options with unique patterns and textures to fit your desired look.

The fabric used is soft and gently textured to further develop a sense of luxury and lightness in your space.

While we’re talking fabric let’s look at the required maintenance, to keep your blinds performing their best all blinds require some form of maintenance. The fabric blades are soil resistant and can be easily spot cleaned of any dust or if needed they can be individually unclipped, taken down and hand washed.

To finalise, Veri Shades® are a unique offering in our product line up with the practicality of a vertical blind and the aesthetics of a curtain. They feature a series of blades suspended from a track and can be rotated to fine-tune the amount of light entering the space making them the perfect option for those looking to add a soft touch to their interior design. You can learn more about our Veri Shade® blinds here!

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