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By Betta Blinds and Awnings - Updated 17th October 2023

Elevate your outdoor living experience with our premium selection of Outdoor Blinds. Among them, Zipscreen™ stands out as a true gem.

Say goodbye to the unpredictability of seasonal weather, and welcome a newfound level of comfort and versatility to your patio, deck, or alfresco area. Zipscreen™ Outdoor Blinds are designed to transform your outdoor space into a haven of year-round enjoyment. By strategically blocking out excess heat, they not only enhance your living space but also keep your home pleasantly cool.

zipscreen blinds for deck area

Why Should I Consider Zipscreen™ Outdoor Blinds?

Shade your outdoor living spaces without compromising on those breathtaking views with Zipscreen™ Outdoor Blinds. Crafted from premium materials and resilient fabrics, these Outdoor Blinds are designed for performance and style.

What sets them apart is their ingenious side retentioned design, eradicating the need for cords, ropes or pullies, ensuring seamless and hassle-free operation. Elevate your outdoor experience with Zipscreen™ and enjoy the perfect blend of form, function, and durability.

zipscreen outdoor roller blinds for patio area

Our Key Zipscreen™ Takeaways

• Protect outdoor living areas from wind, sun exposure and heat
• Slim and enduring headbox design
• Large range of fabrics
• Motorisation and convenient control

• Can be hard to use in windy conditions
• Must be retracted in extreme weather

What are the Key Features of Outdoor Blinds?

Their design features a large fabric panel that rolls up onto a tube. A bottom rail is attached to the bottom of the skin to add weight and to ensure the blind operates correctly. Complementing this, side guides are fitted to both sides and securely hold the fabric in place throughout operation

One of the key differences between Zipscreen™ and our other Zip Style Awnings is the unique zip-guided system (z-LOCK™) that runs along both sides of the fabric. z-LOCK™ helps to maintain the tension across the whole fabric section and can also afford easier operation. 

Zipscreen™ Blinds can also be made as small as 500mm to help enclose those small openings and the Zipscreen™ Extreme which boasts heavy-duty components can span distances up to 7 meters. Elevate your space with Zipscreen™ and experience a new level of outdoor living!


Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Bliss

Experience the seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces Use Zipscreen™ Outdoor Blinds to shelter your spaces from wind, rain and harsh UV rays. With their contemporary design, they effortlessly create a shaded extension to your home for relaxing or entertaining. 

Unparalleled Style and Elegance

Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds are not just functional; they're a design statement. Crafted with precision, their sleek lines and contemporary aesthetics complement any architectural style. Choose from a range of fabrics and finishes that effortlessly integrate into your existing decor, elevating the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

Comfortable Commercial Spaces

Infuse your establishment with an air of sophistication, creating a seamless fusion of indoor-outdoor allure. From charming cafes to upscale boutiques, Ziptrak Awnings redefine exterior spaces, ensuring patrons enjoy an unforgettable experience, shielded from the elements. These awnings not only enhance aesthetics but also provide essential shade and protection, guaranteeing customer comfort, rain or shine

Poolside Oasis

Elevate both the allure and practicality of your poolside pergola or gazebo. With Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds, you have the power to craft a tranquil shaded sanctuary right beside the water. Bask in leisure, shielded from the relentless sun, and relish the pinnacle of poolside luxury.

Optional Extras

Adding motorisation to your Zipscreen™ is the best way to quickly and precisely control your awnings. Motorisation is great if you have several Zipscreen™ awnings you wish to control as they can be operated together as well as independently which improves convenience. If convenience is your biggest concern the optional extra Pulse 2 Hub allows you to operate your blinds with your smartphone or any popular voice assistant. Compatible with Alexa, Google, Siri and Apple Home Kit. 

Weight Bar Latch

Weight Bar Latch

The Zipscreen™ Weight Bar Latch uses robust locking pins on both sides of the bottom rail, providing you with the option to lock your Zipscreen™ when it is fully extended.
Zipscreen Weight Bar Handle

Weight Bar Handle

The Zipscreen™ Weight Bar Handle is secured to the middle of the bottom rail. This creates an easy place to grip on to while opening or closing your Spring Operated Zipscreens.
zipscreen ultra lock

Ultra Lock

The Ultra Lock is unique to the Zipscreen™ system. It works by having pins that automatically engage and disengage when the Zipscreen™ is operated. The Ultra Lock is the ultimate discrete locking solution as it is concealed completely within the side channels.

Limitations to Consider?

It’s important to look at the limitations before making your purchase decision to ensure the product will best suit your needs.

As with all side retention awning systems currently on the market they can be hard to use in windy conditions. In windy conditions, the fabric pushes against the channel which creates increased friction. They can still be used in windy conditions, but care should be taken when operating.

Another consideration is that the locking pin option can only be used from one side, so it is best to utilise this option for areas that do not require operation from either side. There are two different alternatives that help to overcome this. The most simple is to opt for no locking mechanism which allows for quick and easy use. The second option is to add Zipscreens Ultra-lock™ which is a premium easy to use locking solution that can be centrally operated from inside or outside the blind.

What Maintenance is Required?

We recommend regular cleaning (at least every 3 months) to ensure surfaces are free from dirt, dust and grime. Use a soft brush to clean the blind, paying particular attention along the side channels to prevent dust and dirt from building up.

Aluminium extrusions can be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm soapy water or a small amount of mild detergent if required. Do not use any oil-based sprays as it can cause dirt and grime build up in the side guides and can damage certain fabrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Outdoor Blinds waterproof?
Outdoor Blinds fitted with mesh fabrics can repel a level of water but water will also be able to enter through the gaps in the mesh. Acrylic fabrics can improve the level of water resistance. 

Are Outdoor Blinds worth it?
If you want to make the most of your outdoor spaces throughout the year investing in outdoor blinds can be worthwhile. Their durable design ensures you will get the most out of your blinds for years to come. 

Do Outdoor Blinds reduce cold?
They can help add another layer of protection to your space and provide insulation to reduce cold.

The Bottom Line

Zipscreen™ Outdoor Blinds are the ultimate solution for covering your outdoor living spaces. They utilise a range of our fabrics which suit a variety of different styles and perform to a high standard. Zipscreens™ are perfect for increasing privacy in your outdoor areas as well as reducing heat. They feature a durable design, and the unique Zip affords smooth operation. To summarise, Zipscreen™ awnings are a fantastic addition that will help you make the most of your outdoor living zones. You can learn more about our Zipscreen Awnings™ here! 

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