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By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 29th March 2022

Outdoor entertaining is an essential part of the Australian lifestyle. Who doesn’t love enjoying the outdoors surrounded by friends, family and good food? However, the blistering heat from the sun can often cause temperatures to rise quickly to levels of discomfort. Our Straight Drop Crank Blinds can help shade your outdoor spaces and keep you more comfortable so you can entertain in shaded luxury.

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Why Should I Consider Straight Drop Crank Blinds?

Crank Handle Awnings are an attractive option for adding shade to your outdoor spaces without compromising on style or practicality. They also provide an accessible price point for Outdoor Blinds that will help shade your spaces without blowing out your budget.

Adding Straight Drop Crank Blinds to your patio or deck helps to cut down on unwanted heat and will also help to make your outdoor entertaining more comfortable for both you and your guests.
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Our Key Betta 5000 Takeaways

  • Stylish design
  • Large range of fabrics
  • Accessible price point

  • Light gaps are present
  • May swing in the breeze when partly extended
  • Other options may provide better protection

What are the Key Features of Crank Handle Outdoor Blinds?

Our Crank Handle Awnings are similar in many respects to our other offerings in the Betta range of awning products. It features a panel of fabric that is attached to a tube, this allows the fabric to recoil and extend.

The other end of the fabric is attached to a bottom rail that helps to keep the fabric straight. The bottom rail comes fitted with two lockdown latches which allow it to be secured to the floor. The crank handle allows the blind to be extended and retracted efficiently and with little effort.

Fabric Options

Fabric options are an important consideration, after all, you probably want an awning that perfectly suits your home. Fortunately, the Betta 5000 can be fitted with a wide range of fabrics including both mesh and acrylic options.

Mesh fabrics can help improve privacy while still allowing you to see your stunning view. Acrylic fabrics are an amazing option if you are looking to add a unique touch of style such as a stripe pattern. If reducing the heat in your outdoor spaces is key, light-coloured fabrics offer better cooling as they reflect more heat than darker colours. 

Optional Extras

The Betta 5000 can be fitted with some optional goodies that help to improve the versatility of your awning.

Semi Cassette

Adding a semi cassette will help to enclose the top tube of your awning and keep your fabric protected from the elements when not in use.

Different Crank Handles

Additionally, the crank handle comes in a variety of different lengths ranging from 900mm all the way up to 2400mm this ensures that you can easily operate your awning.


A valance or bottom skirt can be added which is a small strip of fabric that runs along the bottom rail. This can help conceal the stainless steel lockdown latches to create a seamless look.

Limitations to Consider?

No awning product is perfect and the best one to use differs from situation to situation. One thing to consider is that Betta 5000 Straight Drop Awnings do not feature side tensioning which means they solely rely on the bottom clips to hold the awning steady.

One issue that can arise from this is that if you want to have your blind only part way up or down, it may swing in the breeze which can cause increased wear and tear. Having them only partly extended is fine when the wind is only mild but if the wind begins to increase we recommend keeping them in the retracted position.

Additionally, gaps are needed to ensure the blind operates correctly; this means that our Crank Handle Awnings do not offer the same level of protection as our Side Channel Awnings.

What Maintenance is Required?

We recommend regular cleaning to ensure surfaces are free from dirt, dust and grime. You can use a soft brush to remove larger dirt particles. After the blind is clear of abrasive materials you can apply soapy water to remove any remaining dust and grime. Follow this with a rinse using a hose to ensure all cleaning products are removed and allow to dry before retracting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Manual Awnings easy to use?
Yes, the manual crank is fairly easy to use but expect to apply a little bit of effort when operating. If ease of use is paramount, we recommend considering a motorised option instead.

Can Crank Handle Awnings block out light?
The ability of an Awning or Outdoor Blind to block light relies mostly on the fabric. Our external fabrics are not light blocking but specific fabrics will help to greatly reduce the amount of light. Our Betta 5000s will also leave some light gaps around the edges of the fabric.

Are Crank Handle Awnings expensive?
Our Betta 5000 Straight Drop Awnings are more affordable than many of our other outdoor blind options but they still feature a high-quality construction.

The Bottom Line

Crank handle awnings are a desirable and cost-effective option to help enclose and shade your outdoor living zones. The crank handle makes it easy to extend and retract your awnings. They can be fitted with a semi cassette to help protect your fabric when in the retracted position and a valance can help to create a designer look.

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