Acmeda Drop Awnings

Straight drop awnings are a type of outdoor window covering designed to provide shade and protection for patios, decks and windows. They operate by dropping straight down from their mounted position, offering flexibility in controlling sunlight and privacy.

Introducing the Acmeda range of Awnings, designed with sturdy componentry and available in two impressive cost effective options: Straight Drop and Wire Guide. Crank Handle or Motor operations are available and the Box 120 Full Cassette can be optioned for added protection from the elements.

Acmeda Drop Awnings are modular and utilise common components across the entire Rollease Acmeda suite, including Zipscreen.

Acmeda Straight Drop Awnings

The Acmeda Straight Drop system is an entry-level outdoor shading system that is suitable for a variety of external residential or commercial applications - sliding windows, doorways, undercover and outdoor areas. 

The Straight Drop system is simple in its design and installation, creating a minimal and cost effective solution.

Lock Down Latch Supplied
*Surcharge applies
Acmeda Straight Drop with Box 120 Full Cassette*

Acmeda Drop Features

  • Acmeda Drop Awnings are modular. Utilise common components across the entire suite, including Zipscreen.
  • Entry-level solution from the suite.
  • Stainless steel Lock Down Latch supplied with Straight Drop Awnings.
  • Suitable for a variety of external shade applications - sliding windows and doorways, undercover areas or outdoor cafés.
Installation Brackets

Acmeda Wire Guide Awnings

A discreet wire guided solution, great for floor to ceiling applications. Featuring a universal bracket to fix the base of the wire guide to the floor, face or recess.

The Wire Guide system utilises compression springs to tension the wire, ensuring a smooth and steady guide for the fabric.
Wire tension is quick and easy to adjust.
Acmeda Wire Guide Awning with Universal Brackets

Wire Guide Features

  • Universal bracket to fix the base of the awning to the floor, wall or in a recess.
  • Wire tensioning is simple and quick to adjust.
  • Compression spring to allow for wire stretch.
  • Optional Stainless Steel Lock Down Latch*
Optional Lock Down Latch*
*Surcharge applies


  • Motorised or Crank Handle operation*

  • Full Box 120 Cassette*

  • Straight Valance 160mm* 

  • Motorisation by: Automate, Alpha or Somfy

  • Crank Handle sizes: 1000, 1500 and 2000mm*

  • Crank Handle Colour: Grey

  • Acmeda Wire Guide: Optional Stainless Steel Lock Down Latch*

* Surcharges apply




Elevate spaces with Betta Blinds & Awnings' Acmeda Drop Awnings

Tailored for both residential and commercial use, these straight drop awnings blend robust design with cost-effectiveness, offering customisable options like crank handle or motor operation, and the added protection of a Box 120 Full Cassette if desired. Perfect for a variety of external applications, Acmeda Drop Awnings promise simplicity, functionality and style.

Dive into a world where quality meets innovation with Betta Blinds & Awnings. Partner with us and help your customers transform their homes with the Acmeda Drop Awnings, as well as our other high-quality offerings.

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Classic Cream


Woodland Grey





Pure White

and custom Dulux Colours available

Betta Blinds and Awnings use only Authorised Components for the fabrication of Acmeda Drop Awnings.


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  • Enhanced outdoor comfort — They provide shade and protection from the elements, making outdoor spaces more comfortable and usable year-round.

  • Energy efficiency — By blocking direct sunlight, they can help reduce energy consumption from air conditioners and fans during the summer by keeping indoor spaces cooler.

  • Aesthetic appeal — Available in various colours, these awnings can enhance the exterior appearance of a home or commercial building.

  • Versatility — Suitable for a range of applications, from residential patios to commercial spaces

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All images are copyright to their respective owners and are protected under international copyright laws. Without prior permission it is not permitted to copy, download, or reproduce these images. 

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