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By Betta Blinds and Awnings - Updated 9th March 2023

Skylights are a wonderful addition to any home and help to fill your spaces with pleasing natural light. However, this influx of natural light brings with it unwanted heat. Without a window covering your beautiful and elegant skylights could be introducing too much bright light as well as undesired heat into your space. An Interior Skylight cover such as our Zipscreen Skylight can help reduce heat and cut down on light.

motorised interior skylight cover

Why Should I Consider Skylight Blinds?

Our Skylight Blinds are a refined and contemporary solution that is perfect for application in horizontal or sloped windows.

Adding shades to your existing skylights provides you with the option to either reduce sunlight entering your spaces and naturally cool the home, or allow the natural light to flow in and add brightness to your interior when it is required.

Additionally, Skylight Blinds can be stopped at any position throughout the range which provides you with precise control over the amount of light entering your home.
motorised interior skylight blind

Our Key Skylight Covering Takeaways

  • Perfectly suited for skylights
  • Contemporary design
  • Fully motorised

  • Only one range of fabric is suitable
  • Not suitable for exterior use
  • Smallest size is 800mm in width

What are the Key Features of Motorised Interior Skylight Covers?

Taking a look at the style, design and function of Skylight Blinds will help you decide if they are a fantastic solution for your skylights. Our interior skylight covers are not only a highly practical option but also feature a timeless design.

The contemporary square architectural design of the skylight blinds as well as the seamless aesthetic, with no visible tapes or cords, ensures they can be applied to a variety of interiors without sacrificing style. They also come equipped with a fully cassetted headbox that helps to hide the components and create a seamless look.

Zipscreen™ Skylights are similar in design to Side Channel Awnings but boast a number of differences that allow them to be fitted to skylights. Zipscreen™ Skylights consist of a single panel of fabric called the skin which is attached to a tube.

A bottom rail is added to the opposite end of the fabric and moves up and down two side channels which are located on both sides of the blind. The side channels house Zipscreens z-Lock™ technology which helps to fasten the fabric securely, and creates a strong, smooth and frictionless path for the blind to glide through. The z-Lock™ design also helps to reduce any light gaps which can sometimes be an issue in other skylight covers.


The Zipscreen™ Skylight functions similarly to a Straight Drop Awning. The skin can easily be retracted and extended as desired. Additionally, for improved light control the blind can be stopped at any position throughout its range to allow the perfect amount of light into your space.


With skylights frequently positioned high up in your ceiling the only convenient way to operate them is with motorization. While other Skylight Blinds can be operated with a rod which is a more affordable option, all of our Skylight Blinds come fitted with motorisation. Motorisation allows you to operate your blinds utilising a remote, your phone or even voice control for added convenience.

Being able to retract your Skylight Blinds easily is an important feature to have. Skylights are frequently an integral part of your architectural design (you have them for a reason right?) so being able to enjoy them when desired is a big must. If your skylights are letting in that perfect natural light into your kitchen it wouldn’t make much sense to have them trapped behind your Skylight Blinds as you struggle to use a rod to adjust them every time you wish to allow the sunlight to flow in.
interior skylight covering

Limitations to Consider?

One thing to consider is that Zipscreen™ Skylights are an internal blind only (they cannot be used externally), this ensures better longevity and will allow your skylight blinds to continue to perform for years to come.

Another consideration is that because our Skylight Blinds are only available motorised, the minimum width is 800mm. This helps to ensure that there is enough room for the motorised components.

The unique application of Skylights Blinds requires a light and high performing fabric. As a result, our Skylight Blinds can only be fitted with Soltis fabric which is lightweight and comes in an impressive range of stylish colours.

What Maintenance is Required?

The Zipscreen™ Skylight Blind features removable front covers that help to make the maintenance process easier. The best way to keep your skylight covers is to dust them regularly with a feather duster or a soft brush this will keep your blinds looking amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cover my skylights?
Skylight blinds are an attractive and versatile option to help you cover your skylights.

How do you block the sun from a skylight?
Skylight blinds are a fantastic way to block out the sun entering through your skylights. Allowing you to enjoy your shaded spaces.

Can you use regular blinds for skylights? 
Regular blinds are not designed to cover skylights. Skylight blinds have been specifically designed for this purpose and will perform much better. 

Can skylight blinds block heat?
Skylight blinds can help reduce the amount of heat that can enter through your windows. 


Skylight shades are a fantastic way to furnish your skylight windows. They are perfect for reducing heat as well as cutting down on the amount of undesired light throughout specific times of the day. They all come equipped with a high-performance fabric that will ensure your windows will be protected for years to come. 
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