Fix Veri Shades® or Vertical Blind Blade Not Turning

By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 5th December 2022
This applies to Veri Shades®

How Do Veri Shades® Become Creased?

Due to the large size of the blades, the process of packing and shipping them can sometimes cause creases in the fabric. Veri Shades® should be ironed out upon installation to reduce any creasing. Additionally, handling the blades improperly can also cause them to crease. Fortunately, creases are normally a pretty easy fix!

Unclip the Creased Blade

1. Examine the blind and unclip the creased blades.
2. To unclip the blades carefully push the plastic hangers apart.
remove veri shade creases

Remove the Creased Blade

3. After the blade has been unclipped, remove it from the Blind.
remove veri shade blades

Place on Ironing Board

4. Place the blade onto an ironing board face down with the backing tape up. 
Ensure that the steam function of the iron is turned off and that the iron is set to medium heat.
5. Place baking paper onto the surface of the fabric to reduce the chances of damaging the fabric.
iron veri shade blades

Iron the Blade

6. Use one hand to hold the baking paper and blade in place and begin to iron out the creases. 
Ensure you keep the iron slowly moving to reduce the chances of creating hot spots. Iron the blades for 10 seconds and allow them to cool if you need to repeat the ironing.
iron veri shade blind

Examine the Blade

7. Flip the blade over so that the front is now visible. Examine to ensure that the creases have been removed.
iron veri shade curtain

Replace the Blade

8. Reinstall the blade into the Blind by clipping the hangers correctly.
Test the Blind to ensure it is performing correctly.
install veri shade blades

And You're Done!

Congratulations you have successfully removed the creasing from a Veri Shades® blade.

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