Change Veri Shade or Vertical From Right to Left

By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 5th December 2022
This applies to Vertical Blinds and Veri Shades. Our Vertical Blinds use specifically designed end caps that are slightly different from the ones shown in this example. A similar process can still be followed.

Remove the Cover

1. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the plastic plate that covers the end cap.
remove end caps

Remove the Star Washer

2. Use the flathead screwdriver to remove the star washer. Once it is out far enough you can snip it to easily remove it.
remove vertical track star washer

Remove Locking Screw

4. Remove the locking screw that is used to secure the bunch.
remove vertical blind screw

Remove the Magnet Screw

5. Carefully hold the track in one hand and remove the small screw that is designed to catch the magnet.
You can skip this step if your track does not have a magnet.
change vertical track from left to right

Remove the End Caps

6. Remove the end caps of the track.
7. Remove the wand.
change vertical blind track from left to right
change veri shade track direction

Remove the Second End Cap and the Carriers

8. Remove the second end cap and star washer. 
9. Take the carriers out of the track.
swap veri shade track direction
change vertical blind track

Measure for Locking Screw

10. It's time to swap our bunch to the opposite side!
11. Measure 72mm in from the edge of the track and mark. 
12. Then measure halfway up the track to centre the screw.
replace veri shade blind screw

Pre-Drill Lock Screw Hole

13. Use a drill bit to pre-drill the hole for your lock screw. In our example, we used the screw to create the hole.
screw in vertical blind screw

Measure for Magnet Screw

14. Measure 8mm in from the track. The magnet screw will now be located opposite the original location.
drill hole for magnet screw

Pre-Drill Magnet Screw Hole

15. Use a drill bit to pre-drill the hole for your screw. In our example, we used the screw to create the hole.
drill vertical blind screw

Reinstall the Carriers

16. Reinstall the carriers so that the lock-off end of the carriers meets up with the lock-off screw hole.
remove vertical blind components
swap vertical blind components

Reinstall the Tube and the End Cap

17. For the lock-off end install the 45mm tube.
18. After the tube is installed insert the end cap.
install star washer for veri shade track

Install Star Washer

19. You can use a round tool to apply the star washer or you can push it into place using a screwdriver. Use a hammer to apply more force if required. 
*Ensure you only push it in 4mm so that the star washer on the other end will have room to grab on to.
install vertical blind

Reinstall the Magnet and End Cap

20. On the other end of the track reinstall your magnet.
21. After the magnet is in the track, install the small plastic tube spacer, end cap and star washer.
screw in the locking screw

Screw in the Locking Screw

22. To Lock-off the bunch you need to place one carrier on the tube side of the screw. The rest of the carriers will be on the other side.
install lock off screw

Install the Magnet Screw

23. To install the magnet screw ensure that the magnet is at the opposite end of the bunch. Then screw in the screw.
Install the end cap covers.
install magnet screw
install the plastic end cap

Install the Wand

24. Use a screwdriver to install the wand.
install the wand

Test the Blind

25. Test the Blind to ensure it is operating correctly.
test the vertical or veri shade blind

And You're Done!

Congratulations you have successfully changed a Vertical Blind or Veri Shade from right bunch to left bunch!

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