Install Cable Grommet Into a Cassette

By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 5th December 2022

Make a Small Incision in the Grommet

1. Use a sharp knive to make a small cut into the grommet. This will allow the wiring to pass through.
install cable grommet
install zipscreen cable grommet

Identify the Best Location for Your Cables

2. Look around to find the best location for your motor cable to run through.
drill hole in zipscreen cassette

Drill A Pilot Hole

3. Use a drill to create a small pilot hole that the larger drill bits will follow. 
drill hole in zipscreen cassette for cable grommet

Step up to a Larger Drill Bit

4. Use a larger drill bit to make a larger hole for the next drill bit to follow.
add a cable grommet to zipscreen

Use a Step Bit

5. Use a step bit to create a large hole for the grommet to fit into. Drill down to the 20mm step on the drill bit to create the correct size hole. 
finish drilling cable grommet hole

Test fit the Grommet

6. Install the grommet to test that it fits into the hole correctly. If it does not fit correctly you will need to use the drill to make the hole larger. 
7. After ensuring the grommet fits correctly, pull the wire out of the hole and slide the grommet over it.
pull motor wiring through zipscreen cassette


You have successfully installed a cable grommet into a cassette. 
finish installing zipscreen cassette grommet

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