What are Retractable Shade Patio Awnings?

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By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 5th November 2022

When it comes to keeping your outdoor spaces cool and comfortable in the warmer months, a retractable shade Patio Awning can be a great option. Leaving your outdoor space open to the elements, especially the sun over summer can reduce the comfort of you and your guests. Folding Arm Awnings help to reduce the impact of the sun by creating a shaded extension to your home.

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Why Should I Consider Shaw Folding Arm Awnings?

Folding Arm Awnings are increasingly becoming a popular choice for homeowners who are looking for a shading solution that can be neatly retracted when not in use. The Shaw range of Folding Arm Awnings features a timeless style that is perfect for any outdoor area.
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Our Key Retractable Shade Patio Awning Takeaways

  • Easy to operate
  • Protects your outdoor space from the sun
  • Modern and stylish design

  • Don't protect from insects
  • Must be retracted in windy and rainy conditions
  • Must be mounted on a secure structure

What are the Key Features?

Shaw Folding Arm Awnings are a functional solution for shading your outdoor space that not only looks great but also provides an added level of comfort. Taking a look at the design and features of the Folding Arm Awnings will help you to determine if they are the right solution for your outdoor space.

All Folding Arm Awnings feature the same basic principles. Namely, A large fabric panel (skin) that is attached to a large tube at one end, and a front bar at the other. Two or sometimes three folding arms connect to the front bar to the base rail. The folding arms extend the fabric outwards to create a shaded area.
Outdoor Folding Arm Awnings offer a range of advantages over permanent shading structures. They are a great option in areas where space is a luxury, such as a small deck area. They don't require support beams which helps them to create an uncluttered look, allowing you to have full use of your outdoor space.

Fabric Options

All of our Folding Arm Awnings are fitted with acrylic fabrics from leading fabric suppliers to ensure long-lasting style and performance. Acrylic Fabric offers a wide range of colour and pattern options so there is sure to be a style that will perfectly integrate with the look of your home. Most acrylic fabrics need to be welded together to form the full width of your awning as they only come in 1.2m widths. In some cases, you can avoid having welds if you opt for infinity acrylic. We offer one range of mesh fabric that is also suitable for use in Folding Arm Awnings (Soltis 96). 

Shaw Folding Arm Awnings can be manually operated using a crank or they can be motorised for the best user experience. The large size and increased weight of Folding Arm Awnings can make manual operation difficult. Motorisation is well worth considering to help make operation as easy as possible. 
There are three different styles of Shaw Folding Arm Awnings.

Base Plus

Base Plus
The Base Plus Folding Arm awning is what's known as a full cassette Awning. This style provides maximum protection for the fabric and hardware components. The full cassette also helps to protect the fabric from any insects that might try to make their way inside. The design of the base plus conceals the Folding Arms inside of the cassette (when it is retracted) which helps to create a more luxurious and cohesive look.
- Pitch adjustment from 5 to 75 degrees is possible with Wall mounting
- Pitch adjustment from 15 to 90 degrees is possible with Ceiling mounting
The Pitch of the awning is set at the installation
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Australia R-90 and R-90 Pitch

Australia R-90
The Australia R-90 features a modern design and can be fitted with a weather hood to add a level of protection from the sun and rain while the awning is retracted. The R-90 is a great choice for those looking for a more affordable option that still offers high-performance shading.
- Pitch adjustment from 5 to 50 degrees is possible with Wall/Ceiling mount
The Pitch of the awning is set at the installation
Australia R-Pitch
The R-Pitch is similar in design to the Australia R-90 but offers one key advantage. While the pitch of many awning types must be set upon installation, the R-pitch gives you the option to easily change the pitch at any time using the supplied crank handle. Allowing you to get your awning into the perfect position for your space or change it depending on the season.
- Pitch adjustment from 5 to 70 degrees is possible with Wall/Ceiling mount
The pitch can be adjusted at any time using the crank handle

Limitations to Consider?

The versatility and convenience of Folding Arm Awnings come at the cost of durability when compared to permanent shading structures. Because permanent shading structures are often supported by strong beams or posts they are able to endure the elements whereas a folding arm awning should be retracted in inclement weather to prevent damage.
Folding Arm Awnings require a secure mounting point to ensure they can operate correctly and handle the elements. In situations where a strong mounting point is not available an additional support structure will be required to hold the awning in place. Additionally, because the Base Plus uses end brackets, they may not be suitable for all installations. The Australia R-90 and R-90 pitch use more versatile mounting brackets that allow them to be suitable for a wider range of installations. 

What Maintenance is Required?

To keep your Awning looking and performing it's best you will need to follow a few simple maintenance guidelines. Ensure you retract your awning in windy weather conditions and that it is fully dry when in the retracted position.

Awnings should also be kept clean and dust-free by gently washing them with a hose. Marks can be removed by lightly sponging with warm water and mild natural soap. Do not use cleaning products such as sprays, soaps or detergents as these will reduce the fabric's mould and mildew resistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Shaw Folding Awnings Last?
Shaw folding arm awnings are constructed using high-quality materials and feature fabrics specifically designed to perform in outdoor conditions. If proper maintenance is followed they can last years and come with a 5-year warranty on components. 
Are Shaw Folding Arm Awnings any good?
All three Shaw Folding Arm Awning options are perfect for providing added protection from the sun. They are great for outdoor areas that required shading from the sun.
Can Retractable Awnings be used in the rain? 
We recommend keeping your Folding Arm Awnings safely retracted when rain is present. This will help keep it looking amazing for years to come. Folding Arm Awnings may not be suitable for use in locations that receive high levels of rainfall and a permanent shading solution would be better suited.

The Bottom Line

Each of the different Folding Arm Options in the shaw range provides unique benefits that ensure there will be an option that suits your needs. They are all ideal for providing protection from the sun and help to extend your outdoor spaces' usability.
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