What are External Roller Blinds?

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By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 24th January 2023

If you're looking for a product to provide shade to your outdoor space without blowing out your budget you can't go past Spring Operated Awnings (often called External Roller Blinds). An unprotected outdoor space can become uncomfortable in the hot Australian summer. Applying a shading product to your space can help keep your outdoor living zones comfortable for you and your guests. 

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Why Should I Consider External Roller Blinds?

The Betta 1000 is our entry-level option that still enjoys the high-quality components and style found across our Betta Range. If you're not looking to splurge too much on your outdoor area but are still after a high-performance product spring operated awnings are a great option worth considering.
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Our Key Spring Operated Awning Takeaways

- Accessible price point
- High-quality construction
- Simple and easy-to-use design

- Operation can be challenging in longer Awnings
- Spring operation only
- Not the best in windy conditions
- Maximum width 3.9m

What are the Key Features?

Learning about some of the key features and benefits of Spring Operated Awnings will help you decide if they are suitable for your application or if an alternative product would work better for you. The Betta 1000 features a simple, easy-to-use design that provides great value without sacrificing quality.

Like most outdoor blinds the Spring Operated Awning features a fabric skin that rolls up onto a top tube. A bottom rail is added to provide support and stability for the Awning. The Awning is secured to the floor using a stainless steel saddle and hook system. A bungee cord and button is an alternative option to secure your Awning at the bottom.

Style and Performance

Spring Operated Awnings provide a modern and minimalist look that means they'll complement any outdoor area designs or styles. Thanks to the simple design, they are a great option to install side by side as they have no wires or side channels that could impact your view when the Awnings are retracted. Our Betta 1000 Spring Operated Awnings come with a number of key features that differentiate them from many of the competitors.

They feature our stylish and durable aluminium 5-sided bottom rail which is built to perform for years to come. Many competing products tend to use an aluminium pole that the fabric is sewn over, our Spring Operated Awning uses the same welding technology as our higher-end products to achieve an improved standard of finish.

Steel top tubes can be susceptible to corrosion, particularly in coastal environments. The Betta 1000 uses a full aluminium top tube to reduce the impact of corrosion and helps the product continue looking its best for years to come.

Applications and Optional Extras

Spring Operated Awnings are a great choice if you do not need to completely enclose your space but still need some added protection from the elements. They are a popular option to mount on deck rails as you can mount multiple awnings side by side without obstructive channels or wires. 

Bungee and Button

The hook and saddles can be switched out to a bungee and button setup. If your Betta 1000 is installed between posts the bungee and button option will provide you with the option to add a second height that the awning can be set to.

Stainless Steel Brackets

Stainless steel brackets are an optional extra that is highly recommended to help keep your Awning looking its best for years to come. Stainless steel brackets are well worth the additional cost, particularly if you live in a coastal area.

Semi Cassette

A semi cassette can be added to help protect the fabric from the elements when it is retracted. The cassette helps to reduce the degrading effects of sun exposure by providing shelter to the top tube.

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Limitations to Consider?

Each Awning product has limitations and the Betta 1000 range is no exception. One key limitation to consider is that the Betta 1000 is either up or down, there is no other option available unless the awning is installed in between posts and bungees are used.

Another consideration is that the Betta 1000 does not offer the best performance in windy conditions. A Crank Awning or side retentioned awning will work better for windy spaces. 

As an entry-level option, they are not suitable for wider openings. The longest width they can be ordered in is 3.9m. While this is suitable for many outdoor areas, large spaces will require multiple Awnings or a different product that is designed for wider spans.

The spring-loaded design of spring-operated straight-drop awnings means that motorisation or crank options are not available. A limitation of spring operation is that they can be more challenging to operate so if you're looking for the easiest operation consider opting for a crank or motorised Awning.

What Maintenance is Required?

Applying the correct maintenance to your products is important to keep them looking and performing their best for years to come. Fortunately, maintenance is a simple process and can be completed in a few minutes.

Regular cleaning is recommended to keep the surfaces clear of any dirt or dust. Simply use a soft brush to clean off dirt and dust.

Once the dirt and dust is removed you can use soapy water to remove the remaining contaminants. Finish the maintenance by rinsing the Blind with a hose to remove the cleaning products. Ensure your Blind is completely dry before you roll it up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a spring operated awning?
Straight drop awnings are a user-friendly style of outdoor blind that is great for shading outdoor spaces on a budget.

How do spring straight-drop awnings operate?
Straight drop awnings are spring operated. To operate simply pull the bottom rail of the awning down to the bottom of the opening and hook the stainless steel saddles down to secure the awning in place.

What are the benefits of spring operated awnings?
Spring operated straight-drop awnings are an affordable option that is perfect for shading outdoor spaces. They are great for increasing the privacy and comfort of your outdoor living zones.

Are spring outdoor blinds block out?
Betta 1000 Awnings can drastically reduce the amount of light entering your outdoor area. However, they are not completely block out.

Are spring straight-drop awnings good for keeping insects out?
Spring-operated straight-drop awnings are not the best option for controlling insects. They do not feature side channels or side retention which is a crucial feature to help keep insects out. If you need the best insect control a side retentioned option like Zipscreen™ or Ziptrak® will provide more protection.

The Bottom Line

Spring-operated Awnings are an affordable option for those looking to add shade and protection to their outdoor spaces. Not only do they provide much needed shade, but they also help maintain an unobstructed view when in the retracted position, making them a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

Whether you're looking to improve the functionality of your patio or create a comfortable outdoor dining area, Spring Operated Awnings are a versatile option that can be tailored to suit any need.
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