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By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 12th October 2023

Have you ever wondered how a simple addition to your windows could transform your living space into a haven of elegance and functionality? Shutters are not only versatile and durable window coverings, but they also bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any interior. So if you're ready to swap out your old blinds for something new, read on to learn about the different types of shutters that might be perfect for your home!

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Why Choose Shutters?

Shutters are a fantastic option that provides the benefits of multiple window furnishings rolled into one – light control, privacy, aesthetics, energy efficiency and longevity.


  • Great thermal performance
  • Stylish look
  • Easy maintenance


  • More expensive than blinds
  • May not suit all styles of home
  • Light gaps can be present
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What are the Key Features?

Shutters feature a number of large louvres that can be rotated to adjust light levels. Top rails, bottom rails (and mid rails depending on configuration) extend horizontally across the opening and connect to stiles. Stiles run vertically and support both the louvres and the rails. This collection of components forms the Shutter.

A frame is fixed to the window opening and allows shutters to be mounted using hinges. There is also the option of no frames where the Shutters are fixed directly into the wall.


One of the key reasons why plantation Shutters are a popular choice for homeowners is their incredible style, which allows them to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of different interior designs. In a traditional setting, Shutters can enhance charm and elegance, while in a contemporary space, they provide a sleek and minimalist look.

Additionally, custom-made Shutters are made to suit the specific dimensions of your windows. This also means that the Shutter mid-rail can potentially be used to cover window rails to provide a more streamlined look. When the blades are open all that is seen is the glass.

Thermal Performance

Shutters perform well at maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. Keeping them closed in the summer months can help prevent heat from entering your home. In the winter months, closing your Shutters will help keep your home warm and cozy. Some studies have suggested that Shutters could provide an energy saving of over 20%. 


Shutters are a good option if keeping your windows open is a priority. Most Blinds will wave around in the breeze, making annoying noises in the process.

Shutters will remain fixed in place, helping to maintain comfortable airflow while also keeping your privacy.

Light Control and Privacy

Privacy and light control are other important benefits that Shutters provide. While they don't offer complete block out they are still a fantastic option if you're looking for a way to control the amount of light entering your home.

The large louvres provide improved privacy and can be angled to allow light to filter in while still keeping prying eyes out.

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While Shutters are a great option in many different settings there are a few applications where Shutters are particularly useful.

Bay windows

Bay and corner windows are a great situation for applying Shutters. The frames of the Shutters reduce any light gaps that may be present around the window.

Bathroom windows

Because bathrooms are often humid environments, internal blinds may be at risk of developing mould which can be unsightly and potentially dangerous.

Betta Poly Shutters are a fantastic alternative in these conditions as the moisture-resistant properties of PVC can help resist mould and mildew growth.

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Types of Shutters

1. Betta Poly

Betta Poly is a fully PVC Shutter that is ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms, laundry, kitchens or where water is likely to come into contact with the material. An aluminium insert is used in the stiles, rail and louvres to increase strength and reduce weight. Betta Poly Shutters are termite and fire-resistant. Our PVC is REACH tested for harmful chemicals and VOC’s to ensure safety and peace of mind. 

2. Betta Hybrid

Blends the water-resistant properties of Betta Poly frames, rails and styles with Paulownia timber louvres. This provides a lightweight and durable hybrid Shutter.

3. Betta Paulownia

Paulownia is a fast-growing and highly sustainable hardwood species. Paulownia also features water-resistant qualities and a high strength-to-weight ratio.

4. Betta Basswood

Made from 100% Basswood, Betta Basswood Shutters are naturally resistant to warping and offer great durability. Basswood is one of the most popular timber choices for Shutters thanks to its resistance to warping and durability.


One limitation of Shutters is that they are often more expensive than other interior window treatments.

Additionally, Timber Shutters are not recommended in locations that are exposed to high humidity or moisture. This may lead to accelerated wear on the timber. So if you need Shutters in a bathroom or other humid area, consider opting for Betta Poly Shutters.

Another limitation that is worth noting that isn't always mentioned is that they take up a lot of space in your window. This means that even while open, the Shutters may still obstruct a portion of your view. Blinds will be the better option if you would like to maintain an unobstructed view.

How to Maintain Your Shutters?

To clean Shutters simply use a clean dry cloth or vacuum with soft brush attachment to remove dust. Wipe the louvres with a damp cotton cloth, wiping the louvres in both an open and closed position. Polyester or non-natural fibre cloths tend to create static, which can attract dust.

Do not immerse the product in water or use any chemical solvents in particular abrasive types. They may cause discolouration, the wood to warp and will void the warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will shutters help with my power bills?
Shutters are very good insulators so you'll be using your active cooling and heating solutions less often.

Do shutters darken a room?
Shutters are a good option for room darkening however light gaps will still be present. For the best room darkening opt for a roller blind with cassette. 

Are shutters block out?
No shutters are not completely block out. While they will block out most light, some light may filter through between the louvres even in the closed position.

What is better PVC or wood plantation shutters?
PVC Shutters are better for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Timber Shutters are lightweight and are more suited to spanning longer distances than PVC.

Which is better: Shutters or Blinds?
Shutters and Blinds are both excellent window coverings. Blinds are lightweight and come in a wider range of colours, styles and patterns. Shutters are long-lasting and provide excellent insulation and privacy while still allowing comfortable airflow. The best option for you will depend on what is most important to you.

The Bottom Line

Shutters have emerged as a favoured choice among homeowners, and it's not hard to see why. These elegant window coverings seamlessly blend style and functionality, making them a timeless addition to any home.

With their clean lines and classic appeal, plantation Shutters effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of any room. Their ability to regulate the amount of natural light entering a room also makes them a popular choice, allowing homeowners to create a cozy ambience or let in an abundance of sunlight at their discretion.

So, if you're in search of an elegant window treatment that offers style, versatility, and practicality, plantation Shutters are the perfect solution for you.

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