Change Builders Range Roller Blind From Back Roll to Front Roll

By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 5th December 2022
This applies to our Builders Range Roller Blinds. If you have a Standard Range Roller Blind you can check out this guide instead.

This technique only works for fabrics without a backing such as Vibe or Duo Screen. If you need to do back to front with a fabric that has a backing you will need to use the technique used on Standard Range Roller Blinds. 

What is a Front Roll Roller Blind?

In a Front Roll Roller Blind the fabric rolls off the front of the tube. This means that the fabric is further away from the window. 

Remove the Blind from the Brackets

1. Retract the idle end of the Roller Blind and remove it from the brackets
2. Remove the chain drive and idle end pin from the tube
change roller blind from front to back roll

Flip the Blind

3. Hold the blind in one hand and rotate it so that is now in the front roll position. 
change builders range roller blind from front to back roll
change roller blind roll direction

Remove the Clear Caps from the Bottom Rail

4. Use a screw driver to carefully remove one of the caps from the bottom rail
change roller blind roll direction

Flip the Bottom Rail

5. Flip the bottom rail so that the correct side is facing the front
6. Replace the plastic cap into the bottom rail 
change builders range roller blind roll direction

Add the Chain Drive and Idle End

7. Add the chain drive and idle ends back into the tube. Ensure you place them into the correct side so that the Blind will fit correctly in your brackets. 
install the chain drive

Flip the Tube Around

8. Reinstall the Blind into the brackets

Test the Blind

9. Test the Blind to ensure that it is performing correctly

And You're Done!

Congratulations you have successfully changed a Builders Range Roller Blind from Back Roll to Front Roll. 

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