What are Timber Look Venetian Blinds?

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By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 5th March 2023

Timber Look Venetian Blinds are the perfect fit if you've been looking for a shading solution for your home that offers a unique textured look. Leaving the interior of your home unshaded can often let in an uncomfortable amount of heat and incoming light. Timber Look Venetian Blinds can help keep the interior of your home at a comfortable temperature.

timber look venetian blinds

Why Choose Timber look Venetians?

Woodlook Venetian Blinds (often called Faux Wood Venetian Blinds or Timber Look Venetian Blinds) are a popular option that helps to increase privacy and reduce heat. 

The stylish horizontal slats soften and diffuse light while also giving you the ability to have complete control over the amount of light you let in. The woodlook slats provide easy maintenance and are more resistant to humid conditions than real wood blinds.


- Stylish look
- Precise light control
- Can perform better in humid conditions


- More challenging to clean
- Can be more expensive than other Internal Blinds
- Light leaks may be present between slats
white venetian blinds

What are the Key Features?

Timber Look Venetian Blinds consist of an aluminium headbox that houses a rod to retract the slats as well as tilt them when required. To conceal the headbox a deluxe decorative molded pelmet is standard.

The slats are made from a compressed polystyrene formula which makes them more durable than real wood while still achieving a similar look. They are suspended horizontally by using a number of thin corded ladders.

A bottom rail is located at the bottom of the blind which helps to keep the slats secure and allows them to be neatly retracted when required.


Timber Look Venetian Blinds in white colours are great for achieving a similar look as shutters without the added cost.

The horizontal slats provide a stunning modern look that integrates perfectly with a range of interior design styles.

Optional Extras

Slat Sizes
The timber look slats come in two different sizes to choose from, 50mm and the larger 63mm. The size you choose should be determined based on the look you're going for. We recommend comparing the two sizes side by side to see which one is more suitable for your requirements.

Hold Down Pins
Hold-down pins can be a helpful addition when purchasing Timber Look Venetian Blinds. These pins are installed at each end of the bottom rail and then use brackets to secure the bottom rail to the window frame.

This allows you to tilt your Venetian while still having your blind secure and stable. To retract your Venetian simply pull the bracket to release the hold-down pins.

timber look blinds

Limitations to Consider?

One consideration with Timber Look Venetians is that they tend to collect more dust than other Interior Blinds. This means that you may need to dust them more often when compared to other blinds.

Another consideration that is sometimes overlooked is that the spaces between the slats may let a small amount of light through. This is fine in spaces where block out isn't the highest priority such as a kitchen or bathroom but it could be a problem if you're looking to use them in your bedroom.

Additionally, Venetians are not designed to be left in the up position on a regular basis, leaving them up will eventually stretch the ladders and can bow the slats.

What Maintenance is Required?

The best way to keep your Timber Look Venetian Blinds looking their best is to clean them regularly. This can be done using the provided dust brush which allows you to remove dust from multiple slats at once.

Alternatively, you can simply gently remove dust with a standard household duster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Timber Look Venetian Blinds worth it?

Venetian Blinds are a popular choice for homeowners looking to add some style and privacy to their interior. They offer a unique design that is both functional and decorative and provide precise light control.

Are Faux Wood Venetian Blinds any good?

Faux Wood Venetian blinds are great for increasing the privacy and style of your home. The slats allow you to maintain the perfect amount of natural light in your home.

Are Timber Look Venetian Blinds block out?

Timber Look Venetian Blinds are great for privacy and room darkening. They are not considered to be the best option for block out due to the light gaps between the slats.

The Bottom Line

Venetian Blinds are a fantastic option for creating a comfortable and stylish interior. They are great for precisely controlling the amount of in your space and the woodlook panels perform well in humid conditions. They offer a great combination of style and practicality.

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