What are Acmeda Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds?

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By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 5th December 2022

Rollease Acmeda Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds offer the durable components found in Zipscreen™ products, paired with a more affordable and versatile wire guide system. If your outdoor living zones are exposed to direct sun, you might be feeling a little overheated. An Acmeda Wire Guide Awning is an excellent solution for those looking to shade their outdoor zones without stepping up to a side retention option.

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Why Should I Consider Acmeda Wire Guide Outdoor Blinds?

Wire Guide Awnings can be applied in locations where a side retention option is either not practical or where the slimmer look of wire is preferred. They are perfectly suited for various outdoor spaces and provide improved airflow compared to Side Channel Awnings, which helps keep your space cool and comfortable.
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Our Key Wire Guide Outdoor Blind Takeaways

  • Accessible price point 
  • Better airflow 
  • Unobstructed views 
  • No posts are needed for installation

  • Less protection against insects 
  • Not a fully sealed system 
  • Light gaps will be present

What are the Key Features?

This article will help you decide if Acmeda Wire Guide Awnings will suit your application or if another option would be a better choice. The Acmeda Wire Guide is one of our two wire guide options. They follow the same design elements as all straight drop awnings, A fabric panel that rolls up onto a tube. 

The key difference is that the Acmeda Wire Guide features high-quality stainless steel wires that run vertically on both sides of the Awning. The wires provide long-lasting tension to the bottom rail which reduces swaying and helps the bottom rail to effortlessly guide throughout operation. A pre-loaded spring is located at the top of both wires which allows for any expansion or contraction that may occur throughout different seasons. This means the wires will continue to be taught and look great year-round.

Popular Applications

Wire Guide Awnings are a great option for areas where structural posts are not available or where you don’t want side channels to obstruct your view. This makes them ideal for balconies and patios. Additionally, the low profile of Wire Guide Awnings means that you can install them side by side without impacting your view (only seeing wires, no large posts or side channels).

Due to the simplicity of the design, the Acmeda Wire Guide Awning comes with a more affordable price point than the side retention systems. This can make it an attractive alternative to Standard Zipscreen™ or Ziptrak® while still having high-quality and durable components.

Control Options

They can be fitted with two different control options. Crank operation allows the Awnings to be operated by turning the crank handle. Motorisation can be the perfect addition for those seeking the most convenient operation.

An optional cassette can be fitted to enclose the tube and create a seamless look. The cassette used is the same stylish and durable design found in Zipscreen™ Awnings. This provides additional protection to the fabric and motors when added to your Awning. Because the cassette is common across systems, Acmeda Wire Guide Awnings can be used alongside Standard Zipscreen™ Awnings and you'll still maintain a consistent look for your entire space.

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Limitations to Consider?

While the Acmeda Wire Guide Awning has its clear advantages there are also some drawbacks of a Wire Guide design. Because a Wire Guide is not a sealed system, they offer less protection against insects than Zipscreen™ or Ziptrak®. 

Like other outdoor blinds that don't have side channels, light gaps will be present between the fabric and posts. Another thing to consider is that there may be more fabric movement in windy conditions, in comparison to a Zipscreen™ or Ziptrak®.

What Maintenance is Required?

All outdoor products require some maintenance to keep them in good working order. Regular cleaning with a soft brush is recommended to keep the fabric free from dirt and dust. 

 After the Awning is free from any abrasive debris it is recommended to wash the awning with a solution of mild soap to remove any embedded dirt. Rinse the Awning thoroughly to remove the soap and allow the fabric to dry before retracting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Wire Guide Awnings be motorised? 
Yes, they can be fitted with motorisation to provide the most convenient operation.

Where can I install Wire Guide Awnings? 
They are a great option for installing on decks or other areas where you want to maximise your view while still adding protection from the elements.

Are Wire Guide Awnings any good? 
They are a great option worth considering for your home. They provide easy operation and will help provide shade and privacy.

Do Wire Guide Awnings block out the sun? 
They can drastically reduce the amount of sunlight that can enter your outdoor space but they are not completely block out.

Do Wire Guide Awnings block out the rain? 
They can help cut down on the amount of rain that can enter your outdoor space but they should be allowed to dry completely before retracting.

The Bottom Line

Acmeda Wire Guide Awnings are an excellent option for those looking for a simple and effective way to provide shade to outdoor areas. They feature high-quality components and the simple design makes them more affordable than side retention awning systems. They are perfect for areas where you want to maximise your view or where side posts are not available.

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