Retractable Outdoor Awnings

Piuma Salt Water Series
By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 29th February 2023

Looking for a versatile shading solution for your space? Consider our Salt Water Series Folding Arm Awning! Crafted with precision and engineered to resist corrosion, these Awnings redefine the standards of longevity and style.

Picture lounging in your outdoor area, shielded from the sun's rays by a sleek and robust shade that withstands the coastal elements.

Retractable Outdoor Awnings

Why Choose Retractable Outdoor Awnings?

Salt Water Series Folding Arm Awnings are the epitome of design excellence, seamlessly blending aesthetics with robust functionality.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these Awnings are a great solution when versatility is required. Opt to extend your Folding Arm Awning to reduce heat throughout warmer months, while maintaining the option to retract them to make the most of the sun when needed.


  • Protect outdoor areas from wind and sun exposure

  • Modern and stylish design

  • Designed for coastal applications


  • Don't protect from insects

  • Semi Cassette doesn’t offer the best protection for fabric

  • Must be mounted on a secure structure




Maximum Width: 5850mm
Maximum Projection: 3000mm 




Weather Hood
retractable outdoor awning

What are the Key Features?

Piuma Salt Water Series Folding Arm Awnings present a few key benefits compared to permanent shading alternatives. They’re an excellent choice in locations where space is limited, such as smaller deck areas. The absence of support beams helps to create a clean and uncluttered appearance, enabling you to maximise the use of your outdoor space.

While other types of Folding Arm Awnings also feature durable designs and robust materials, the Salt Water Series has been purpose-built for improved performance in coastal areas. The Piuma Salt Water Series Folding Arm Awning features a full aluminium square bar and top tube ensuring they effortlessly withstand the challenges posed by coastal environments.

Optional Extras

Elevate your outdoor experience by customising your Salt Water Series Folding Arm Awning with our array of optional extras designed to enhance both form and function.

Opt for the weather-resistant hood, a stylish addition that not only complements the Awning’s aesthetic but also serves as a protective shield for the fabric, ensuring longevity and performance even in challenging weather conditions.

For those who appreciate a touch of classic charm, consider the straight valance – a small strip of fabric gracefully suspended from the front of the Awning.

retractable awnings


Choose your preferred level of convenience with the Salt Water Series Folding Arm Awnings, offering two distinct operation options to cater to your lifestyle. For those who enjoy a hands-on approach, the manual crank handle provides a tactile and effortless means of extending or retracting the Awning with precision.

Alternatively, step into the future of Awning technology with our motorisation option. Effortlessly transform your outdoor space with just the touch of a button, as the Awning gracefully extends or retracts.

retractable awnings

Limitations to Consider?

It's crucial to be aware of its limitations. One key aspect to consider is that the Piuma is not a full cassette Awning. Unlike full cassette Awnings, which provide comprehensive protection by enclosing both the fabric and mechanical components when retracted, the Piuma has a more open design.

This means that while it excels in functionality and style, it will not provide the same level of protection for the fabric when in the retracted position.

Folding Arm Awnings require a secure mounting point to ensure they can operate correctly and handle the elements. In situations where a strong mounting point is not available an additional support structure will be required to hold the Awning in place.

Another important note is that all Awnings should be retracted in strong winds and heavy rain to reduce the risk of damage.

What Maintenance is Required?

To keep your Awning looking and performing its best you will need to follow a few simple maintenance guidelines.

Awnings should be kept clean and dust-free by gently washing them with a hose. Marks can be removed by lightly sponging with warm water and mild natural soap.

Do not use harsh cleaning products such as sprays, soaps or detergents as these will reduce the fabric's mould and mildew resistance.

The Bottom Line

In summary, the Salt Water Series Folding Arm Awnings, with their resilient aluminium design offer a perfect blend of style and durability. While they may lack the full cassette feature, they provide excellent value for homeowners who don’t need a full cassette.

Elevate your outdoor living with the Salt Water Series – a testament to modern design, flexibility, and enduring comfort.

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