What are Zebra Blinds?

Zebra Blinds
By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 5th May 2022

Sheer Vision Blinds, or often called Zebra Blinds are a unique type of Roller Blind that offer the benefits of both privacy and sheer fabrics. They can make for a more appealing option over the standard Roller Blind and provide improved versatility and also help to create a unique look for your interior.

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Why Should I Consider Zebra Blinds?

Sheer Vision Blinds are perfect for a variety of different interior design styles and integrate seamlessly while providing improved light control. In addition to their versatility, they are also a highly practical alternative to layered window treatments such as dual roller blinds.
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Our Key Sheer Vision Takeaways

  • Stylish design
  • Room darkening and sheer fabrics on the same blind
  • Improved light control

  • Do not offer a complete block out
  • The fabric is less durable compared to other blinds

What are the Key Features of Sheer Vision Blinds?

Understanding the design, features and applications of Sheer Vision Blinds will help to decide if they will suit your specific window furnishing needs. They feature a similar design to standard roller blinds with some key differences that make them more versatile.

The fabric itself is one of the features that set them apart from other products. Rather than using a blackout or sheer fabric (seen in regular roller blinds), sheer vision skins consist of an alternating pattern of horizontally running room darkening and sheer sections.

Unlike other Roller Blinds, the sheer vision skin is doubled over on the blinds. Thereby allowing the blinds to let light through when aligned, and adding privacy when moved to an offset position. To ensure the skin remains straight and the blind operates flawlessly, a specially designed bottom rail is added.

Sheer Vision Blinds are a fairly recent addition to the roller blind market and their unique design has received wide acceptance as the luxury option for roller blinds. Equipped with a stunning array of fabric colours and textures, the sheer vision fabric features a metallic-like finishing that can invite a sense of luxury and lightness into a space.

The unique pattern of Zebra Blinds allows them to integrate seamlessly with many interior design aesthetics. Most obviously, Sheer Visions serve not only to maintain an increased control of light within a space but also help to highlight the windows themselves. The striped pattern can create a unique look and add more interest to your windows, while the blinds themselves will help to soften the light entering your space.

Optional Extras

Let’s talk about the goodies you can add to your Zebra Blinds. There are two different pelmets to pick from to create a seamless look. The Louvolite 70mm Fascia features a curved rectangular design that is fitted with a fabric insert, while the vogue pelmet offers a simple modern look. Similar to Roller Blinds, Sheer Vision Blinds can be linked to span longer distances.

Like many of our internal blinds, they can also be fitted with a motorisation option. Motorisation is helpful in making lowering or retracting your blinds easy and convenient.
sheer vision blinds

Limitations to Consider?

One thing to consider before purchasing a Zebra Blinds is that they are a room-darkening option, not a block out. So if you are looking to block out the light, a different internal blind solution might be more effective. We suggest having a look at roman blinds or roller blinds as an alternative.

Another consideration is that the sheer vision fabric is more delicate when compared to other fabrics. Care should be taken when operating Sheer Vision Blinds to minimise the risk of fabric fraying.

What Maintenance is Required?

Sheer Vision Blinds offer low maintenance which means you’ll spend less time cleaning your blinds and more time relaxing in your freshly shaded space. They can be easily cleaned by wiping them with a soft damp cloth annually or spot cleaned when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Zebra Blinds Any good?
They are an attractive alternative to regular roller blinds and the unique design and high-quality fabrics make them a popular option.

Are Zebra Blinds Expensive?
The increased sophistication of the blind fabric, as well as the more complex design of components, comes with a higher price tag when compared to regular roller blinds.

Are Zebra Blinds Block out?
Zebra Blinds are not block out but they are room darkening. They will reduce the amount of incoming light but unlike other options, they are not a block out blind. Additionally, the space between the doubled over fabrics may allow a small amount of light to spill through.

The Bottom Line

Zebra Blinds are a premium alternative to roller blinds and their unique design allows them to control light in a space with enhanced precision. They consist of both sheer and room darkening sections and feature a luxurious metallic finish. This design allows Sheer Visions to work well in drawing attention to your windows.
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