What Are Clear Outdoor Blinds?

Ziptrak® and Zipscreen™
By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 30th September 2022

Clear Outdoor Blinds are a unique product offering that is perfect for a variety of commercial applications. They are a super popular option for cafes and other commercial spaces that need to maintain their desirable outlook without sacrificing protection from the elements.

If your commercial space is left unsheltered it may leave your customers or guests unprotected if rain suddenly decides to crash the party. Clear Outdoor Blinds can help reduce the impact of rain and will allow your customers to make the most of your outdoor environment while remaining comfortably dry.

What are clear outdoor blinds

Why Should I Consider Clear Outdoor Blinds?

Clear Outdoor Blinds are a great option to protect your deck or patio areas from the elements and improve comfort. They help create a barrier that stops wind and rain while keeping your stunning views unobstructed.
clear outdoor awnings

Our Key PVC Outdoor Blinds Takeaways

  • Protect your spaces without sacrificing your view
  • Ziptrak® and Zipscreen™ Awnings feature robust construction and timeless style
  • Keep your space protected from the elements
  • Reduces airflow which can make a space feel warmer in summer
  • Should be cleaned regularly to maintain its appearance
  • No motorised option

What are the Key Features?

Clear PVC fabric can be fitted to two of our existing product ranges namely Ziptrak® and Zipscreen™. While there are other types of PVC Awnings available on the market (such as Cafe Blinds) Ziptrak® and Zipscreen™ are preferred thanks to their high-quality designs that allow you to operate them without the need for pullies or ropes. 
The clear PVC fabric is attached to a tube and a bottom rail is added to secure the fabric and provide stability. Both Zipscreen™ and Ziptrak® are Side Retensioned Awnings which means they have side channels that enclose the fabric and keep it firmly in place, eliminating any gaps that would be present in other types of Awnings.
To provide additional protection to the PVC fabric, a cassette can be added to both Zipscreen™ and Ziptrak® Awnings. A cassette helps to shelter the fabric when the Awning is in the retracted position. Additionally, cassettes help to hide the top tube for a more seamless and finished look.

Popular Uses

PVC Outdoor Blinds are a great option in situations where you want additional protection for your outdoor space without having to sacrifice your view. This makes them a common option in restaurants and cafes, where a clear view is important.
The PVC fabric helps to provide protection from wind, rain and insects all while providing a barrier to reduce heat loss in your outdoor spaces. If your outdoor spaces are using any form of heating to keep them warm during the winter you can help prevent that heat from dissipating so quickly with Clear PVC Awnings.

The Clear PVC Awning manages all this while still ensuring that your guests can have an unobstructed view of your wonderful location (pretty important for any waterfront business).

The fabric is also great at reducing the impact of wind and rain. Which allows you to make full use of your outdoor spaces no matter what the weather is doing. One thing to keep in mind is that while these products help to reduce the impact of weather, strong weather events can lead to accelerated wear. It is recommended that all Awning products be retracted in the event of strong winds or storms. 

Fabric Options

The PVC fabric that we use in our Awnings comes in two different options; clear and tint. Clear PVC is perfect for retaining the best outlook, while tint PVC is great for cutting down on sunlight and glare in particularly bright locations. 

Both of our PVC options are dimensionally stable, which means that they stretch and shrink much less than the non-stable PVC. This helps to provide a more taught appearance after your Awning is installed.

Limitations to Consider?

No Blind or Awning is perfect, there are always going to be limitations that come with each type of Blind and Clear PVC Awnings are no exception. Being a clear product, any marks or dirt will be much more visible. As a result, if you want your Blinds to continue looking their best regular cleaning will be required. 

Additionally, it is important to ensure that your Clear Outdoors Blinds are completely dry before rolling them up. If a PVC Awning is stored wet, the moisture can give the fabric a cloudy appearance that is very hard to remove. 

In PVC fabric any wrinkles or imperfections can be a little more noticeable than they would be in mesh fabrics. Because both clear and PVC Blind products are designed to be flexible, you should not expect them to have the same finish as a fixed panel. 

We talked earlier about these Blinds reducing wind which can be a plus but can also be a negative. PVC Outdoor Blinds tend to reduce a lot of wind flow in your areas. If you are trying to enjoy an afternoon sea breeze you will need to either roll the Blinds up partially or you could opt for a mesh fabric instead. 

One final consideration is that PVC Outdoor Blinds can not be fitted with motorisation. PVC fabric tends to be too stiff to unroll effectively using the weight of the bottom bar, this means that motorisation is not suitable. Manual operation is quick and easy to use.

What Maintenance is Required?

We recommend regular cleaning to ensure surfaces are free from dirt, dust and grime. You can use a soft brush to remove larger dirt particles. After the Blind is clear of abrasive materials you can apply soapy water to remove any remaining dust and grime. Follow this with a rinse using a hose to ensure all cleaning products are removed and allow to dry before retracting. 

Dirt is more visible on PVC fabrics so ensure that you clean them as required. Vuplex is a specially formulated Outdoor Blind cleaner and will help provide a clean and shiny finish. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do PVC Outdoor Blinds block wind and rain?
Yes PVC Outdoor Blinds are great for blocking wind and rain. PVC performs much better than mesh fabrics when it comes to reducing wind and rain. Look for an outdoor Blind that has side retention for best performance.
Are PVC Outdoor Blinds block out?
No, PVC Outdoor Blinds are not block out. They are designed to be translucent and allow you to see through to the outside. Look for acrylic or mesh fabrics if you want to reduce light in your outdoor space. 
Do PVC Awnings keep the cold out?
They help to provide a layer of protection to your outdoor space that separates you from the elements. This helps to keep the cold out and the heat in.
Are PVC Outdoor Blinds worth it?
If you are looking for a quality product that allows you to have an unobstructed view of your outlook, or if you are looking to keep your outdoor space warm in the winter months, PVC Outdoor Blinds are a great option!

The Bottom Line

PVC Outdoor Blinds are a great option to help keep your outdoor space protected while maintaining an unobstructed view.

They help to reduce the effects of rain as well as unwanted insects. While they may require a little more maintenance than other options, they are a great choice to keep your guests comfortable so they can enjoy your outdoor space..
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