How to Install Veri Shades® Blades

By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 5th December 2022
This applies to Veri Shades®

Veri Shades®

Veri Shades provide a soft and gentle look to the interior and have a number of benefits thanks to their unique design. They combine the style and softness of Curtains with the performance and ease of use of Vertical Blinds. The blades feature sheer and privacy sections that provide precise light control and allow customers to reduce incoming light. The top hangers help to make installation a straightforward experience.

Identify the Two End Blades

1. The two end blades will be labelled with left and right tags to help you identify them. They will also be doubled over on themselves which indicates that they are the end blades. Our example is a left bunch so we have two end blades. If you have a split bunch there would be a total of four end blades.
install veri shade blades

Install the Blade Closest to the Wand

*Install the blade that is closest to the wand. In our example, we install the blade labelled 'right' into the first hanger on the right side of the Blind. If you had a right bunch you would start with the left blade on the first hanger to the left side of the Blind.

2. Ensure the sheer side of the blade faces the wand. The block outside will face towards the centre of the track. Gently push the plastic hanger into the corresponding hook.
how to install veri shade blades

Install the Next Blade

*The rest of the blades will have two sides one has teeth the other has the hook. In our example, the hook is left and the teeth are right.

3. Clip the teeth part of the second blade into the first blade. Ensure you squeeze the clips together so that they are correctly clipped together.
Then hang the hook side of the second blade into the next hook.
install the first veri shade blade
connect the veri shade blades
clip in veri shade blades

Repeat for the Remaining Blades

4. Repeat the process of clipping the teeth end of the blade into the preceding blade. Always check to make sure they a firmly clipped in and secured. 
5. Then follow by hanging hook end of the blade into the next hook.
clip blades together
install blades
add in veri shade blades
add in veri shade blades
clip blades together
add the blades
clip the blades together
hang veri shade blades

Install the End Blade

6. The end blade is fitted with only the teeth hanger. Clip it into the preceding blade to finish the installation.
install the last blade

Test the Blind

7. Test the Blind to make sure that it performs flawlessly.
install veri shade curtain

And You're Done!

Congratulations you have successfully installed Veri Shades® blades.

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