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Classic Style Panel Glides

Mode Style Panel Glides

Plantation Style Panel Glides

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PGPanel Glides, more than just a window furnishing...

Introducing elegance and style, Panel Glides clearly have the wow factor. Fabulous in wide open spaces, with a smooth and effortless operating system, the fabric panels glide easily making them the perfect choice for large glazed areas, sliding and bi-fold doors and even as room dividers.  Panel glides can be matched to complement Roman and Roller blinds, giving an elegant harmonised look throughout any interior.

Modern, versatile and strikingly different. All of our panel glides are beautifully handcrafted, resulting in a far superior product which we believe to be the finest on the market.

OPPanel Glide Features & Options

Stacking (Bunching) Options

You can select our Panel Glides in either Left, Right or Split Bunching (Stacking) operation.

Left Stack

panel stack left

Right Stack

panel stack right

Centre Stack

panel stack centre

Split Stack

panel stack split

Panel Layout Configurations

Our Panel Glide tracking systems come available as 3, 4 or 5 Track System layouts.

3 Track System:

panel 3track

  • Minimum Panels: 2
  • Maximum Panels (Left or Right Draw): 3
  • Maximum Panels (Split Draw): 5

4 Track System:

panel 4track

  • Minimum Panels: 4
  • Maximum Panels (Left or Right Draw): 4
  • Maximum Panels (Split Draw): 7

5 Track System:

panel 5track

  • Minimum Panels: 6
  • Maximum Panels (Left or Right Draw): 5
  • Maximum Panels (Split Draw): 9

Panel Orientation

You can choose whether to configure our Panel Glides with the center panel to the front or to the back.

Front Center Panel

panel config front

Rear Center Panel

panel config back


Select your Battens from our range of Classic (Back Extrusion), Mode and Plantion Battens.

Classic style (back extrusion) battens present a clean, sharp "pleated" appearence to your blind.

Back Extrusion Colours (with matching end caps):

battens classic

  • Black
  • White

Mode style aluminium battens co-ordinate with our Mode Linea pelmet range.

Mode Style Colours (with matching end caps):

battens mode

  • Chrome
  • Cotton
  • Candlelight
  • Black

Plantation style timber battens co-ordinate with our Timber Venetian and Woodlook Venetian blinds range.

Plantation Style Colours:

battens plantation

  • Ash
  • Sienna


Our panel glides are manufactured using powder coated aluminium tracking which will not rust or corrode.

Tracks and Wands come in 3 popular colours:

  • White
  • APO Grey
  • Black

tracks 960x540

Wand Controls

Our unique wand controls are extremely stylish and strong. Made from fibreglass, they will not bow and are the standard operation (for child safety purposes).

wands 3


  • Black
  • White
  • APO Grey


PLPanel Glide Pelmet Range

Made to measure pelmets are also available to match your Panel Glides. Choose from our ClassicMode LineaPlantation, or Vogue Aluminium pelmets.

Classic Style Fabric Pelmets

Classic style fabric pelmets are perfectly matched with your selection of blind fabric.

classic fabric pelmet 960x540


  • 90mm
  • 140mm

Mode Linea Pelmets

Our Mode linea style pelmet features a fabric insert matched to the blind fabric selected.

linea pelmet 960x540


  • Pelmet 100mm
  • Fabric Insert 89mm


  • Chrome
  • Black
  • Candlelight
  • Cotton

Plantation Style Timber Pelmets

Ash and Sienna Plantation style pelmets coordinate with our Plantation timber battens in Romans.

plantation style 960x540

9 Standard Colours:


  • Lime Wash
  • Ash
  • Dark Chestnut
  • Sienna
  • Dessert

Non Printed

  • Parchment
  • Arctic Snow (smooth)
  • Arctic Snow (textured)
  • Ivory (smooth)
  • Ivory (textured)
  • Cedar - light to medium (laquered or oiled)
  • Cedar - medium to dark (laquered or oiled)

Vogue Aluminium Pelmets

Vogue Aluminium Pelmets present a clean sharp look and are ideal for Panel Glide blinds.

vogue2 960x540

Front fascia with no top

6 Standard Colours

  • White
  • Birch White
  • River Gum Beige
  • Black
  • Clear Anodised
  • Chrome

Also available in Dulux/Duralloy colours

FCPanel Glides Fabric Collection

We have a vast range of colours and textiles to choose from, in a selection of weaves and textures including sheers, opaques and sunscreens.

View our up to date Fabric List.