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FC  The Betta Blinds and Awnings Fabric Collection

There is a stunning versatility to our fabric collection which will add glamour to any interior. We have a vast range of colours and textiles to choose from, in a selection of weaves and textures including Blockouts, Opaques, Translucents, Sheers and Sunscreens. Selected not just for visual appeal, your fabric choice can also help protect your environment by taking into account, privacy, light, heat and glare.

State of the art fabric cutting technology used by Betta is essential to aid the elimination of fabric fray and to remove the need for side hems, creating a cleaner superior finish.

If you're a Betta customer and there's a fabric you want which is not currently included in the Betta Blinds Fabric Collection, please contact us to source it for you.

OP  Blockout & Opaques Collection

Betta Blinds & Awnings

  • London
  • Maui


  • Deco N203
  • Deco N203
  • Novoscreen Balance
  • Signum (Metallised)
  • Signum (Non Metallised)
  • Picturesque+ 4303
  • Picturesque+ 4505
  • Shantung Sunscreen
  • Sunbloc Blockout

Four Families

  • Atlanta Blockout
  • Atlanta Translucent
  • Bauhaus Blockout
  • Berkley Translucent
  • Eclipse Sunscreen
  • Greenwich Blockout
  • Kato 5% Openness Sunscreen
  • Katoomba
  • Parnell Translucent
  • Quebec Blockout
  • Resene Origin
  • Sierra Translucent
  • St Lucia Sheer
  • Tremont Blockout
  • Tremont Light Filtering
  • Yukon Blockout
  • Zaru Decorative Screen

Hunter Douglas

  • Baltic Plus Blockout
  • Baltic Plus Translucent
  • Carnaby Plus Blockout
  • Carnaby Plus Translucent
  • Ecoview Plus
  • Extraview Plus
  • Greenscreen Generation
  • Greenscreen NRG Metalised
  • Greenscreen NRG Plain
  • Harlow Blockout
  • Harlow Translucent
  • Kendall Blockout
  • Kendall Translucent
  • Keram Blockout
  • Keram Translucent
  • Plaza Plus - Fire Retardant
  • Quay Plus
  • Ramie Blockout
  • Seychelles Plus
  • Simbel Blockout
  • Simbel Translucent


Mermet (Bricos)


Scott Free




SS  Sunscreen Fabric Collection

TL  Translucent & Sheer Fabric Collection