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Account Procedures


This is just to let you know about our standard early payment discounts and accounts receivable procedures. With new accounting and administration systems being put in place we are making sure that our customers are completely informed regarding our credit account and discounts policy. We would greatly appreciate your feedback and for you to let us know if any points need clarification.


Discounts - account holding customers who are on a discount structure (for example: early payment discounts or other offers) are advised that discounts will no longer be applicable if the account terms past the 30 day terms.


Invoices - Please check your invoices upon receipt and inform us immediately if you find any discrepancies.


Monthly Statements - Please check the balances owing on the account and the period it relates to. Check the statement against your records and if you find any discrepancies please contact us immediately to have them rectified. Our statements are evidence of the amount due as per our credit application terms and conditions.


Remittance Advice - Please fax or email a remittance advice for each payment. We have received Direct Deposits into our bank account with insufficient details attached; as these funds are unable to be identified they cannot be allocated to the remitting customer’s account. The unidentified deposit will be allocated to a suspense account until notified by the customer.


Please check your statement each month to ensure that your payments have been allocated.

If you pay by cheque please attached a remittance advice, invoice slip or statement slip.


Overdue Accounts - If you are having difficulties paying your account please call our accounts department at the earliest opportunity. We value you as a customer and communication with us at this time would be very much appreciated and is crucial to your ongoing trade relationship.


The following procedure will be taken in relation to overdue accounts:


1. After 7 Days an overdue reminder will be advised via fax or email.

2. After 14 Days a follow up reminder phone call with fax/email.

3. If payment is not received and if no written response is received within 3 days after the above procedure regarding when the account will be paid, an overdue letter will be sent.

4. If there has been no response in 7 days to the above, or if agreed payment arrangement has not been met, we will have no option but to unfortunately put the account on immediate stop trade; which will be notified in writing via fax or email.

5. Accounts over 60 days, which are unable to be resolved by prior agreement, will be referred to a debt collector to act on our behalf to endeavour to obtain payment, along with any fees which they may charge in relation to collection.


We will always endeavour to show patience and understanding during difficult times, provided an open line of communication is upheld, and that any payment agreements will be adhered to as much as is possible.