What are Vertical Blinds?

By Betta Blinds and Awnings - 15th June 2022

The large variety of different blind types to choose from can often make picking the right option for your space a challenging task. Vertical Blinds are a popular choice for those looking to increase privacy and light control in their spaces without breaking the budget.

Leaving your windows unfurnished can impact the level of privacy you experience in your home and undesired levels of sunlight can cause some discomfort in your relaxing spaces. If you’re considering Vertical Blinds among other options, this blog will help you discover what they have to offer.
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Why Should I Consider Vertical Blinds?

Vertical Blinds are a consistently popular option for windows not only in residential properties but are also a great option for the high demand environments of commercial spaces. They offer a stylish and robust design and can also be more affordable than other blind options.
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Our Key Vertical Blinds Takeaways

- Affordable
- Low maintenance
- Large selection of fabrics

- May not suit all interior designs
- Corded options can collect dust
- Will move in the breeze

What are the Key Features?

Looking at the design and key features of Vertical Blinds will help you decide if they will be perfect for your specific application. Vertical Blinds consist of a series of narrow fabric panels (typically 89mm or 127mm wide) that run vertically and connect to the track. The track sits at the top of the blind and allows the blind to open and close as the blades move horizontally. Carriers are small components that are housed within the track and enable the blades to be rotated from open to closed.

Vertical Blinds are a frequently used window furnishing option for a number of key reasons. Firstly, they enjoy a large range of fabric options which ensures they can suit a variety of different interior designs. Blockout fabrics are helpful in reducing the amount of light that is able to enter your space. Alternatively, light filtering fabrics can be used to gently filter the light and create a soft look to your interior.

The design of Vertical Blinds also affords improved versatility and precise light control. By rotating the blades you can allow different amounts of light through which can be desirable if you want to get the perfect balance of light in your home. They can be fitted with two different control options. Chain control allows the blind to be easily operated from a single point. Wand operation provides ease of use and improved child safety.

One of the benefits of the simple design is that vertical blinds enjoy an accessible price point so that you can furnish your windows without blowing out your budget.

To create a seamless look vertical blinds can be equipped with a fabric insert that runs along the length of the track. Pelmets can also be added which will help to conceal the track and create a balanced look.

You can pick from three different weighted options: chained, chainless and sewn in weights. These options will all offer a slightly different look to your vertical blinds. The chained option is great for reducing the amount of movement of the vertical blind, which is better for windy or high traffic areas. The chainless option provides a neat and tidy look while the sewn-in weight option creates a more seamless visual appearance. The sewn-in weight option will also be a little easier to clean as there are fewer areas that will hold dust.

The design of Verticals alongside options such as Curtains, Panel Glides and Veri Shades allows the use of doorways without having to fully retract the blind, thereby making them a welcomed option for use with folding doors.

Additionally, their durable design makes them a desirable window furnishing for high traffic areas such as living spaces. Finally, thanks to their durable properties they are a common option in rental properties, where affordability and durability are key.

Limitations to Consider?

Vertical blinds are a fantastic option to consider when thinking about purchasing new window furnishings, however, there are some limitations. When in the closed position the small gaps between the blades can allow a bit of light through.

If you’re looking to block out the most light, Roller Blinds might be a better alternative. Additionally, if there is a breeze, vertical blinds may move about more than other options.

What Maintenance is Required?

It’s fair to say that one of the last things on your to-do list in your leisure time is to run around and clean a house full of blinds. Fortunately, vertical blinds offer some of the lowest maintenance which means you only need to give them a clean when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vertical Blinds still popular?
They continue to remain a popular choice thanks to their stylish looks, low maintenance and practicality.

Are Vertical Blinds good for privacy?
They are a great option to help improve the privacy of your home. You can tilt the fabric panels to allow light in and close them when privacy is required.

Are Vertical Blinds block out?
Vertical blinds can be equipped with block out fabrics which will help block out the light. Small amounts of light can pass through the spaces between the blades so Roller Blinds could perform better if you're are looking to block out the most light.

Do Vertical Blinds need cords?
They can be fitted with wand or chain operation. Wands provide improved child safety by reducing cords and also afford effortless use of your blinds.

Do they need chains?
Vertical blinds do not have to come with bottom chains. The chained bottom weights can be swapped for chainless or sewn in weights.

The Bottom Line

To summarise verticals are a popular option for window furnishings that work well in a wide variety of applications within the home. They are comprised of a few key parts which enable them to span large windows and doors. With a variety of fabrics to choose from, they can be easily maintained and cleaned.

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