BETTA 3000 - Straight Drop, Multi Stop Awning

The Betta 3000 Multi Stop Awning is designed to lock in at any height, giving more control when adjusting for shade, privacy and vsibility in your outdoor living area. This spring operated awning is similar to our Betta 1000 and 2000 awnings in construction but also has side channels which allow the bottom rail to smoothly run up and down within the channel. By twisting the bottom rail slightly in the channel the awning easily locks into place at any position or height. 

Perfect for installing into and an existing recess to create privacy and shade. Also ideal for installation above balcony railings end serveries. Optional pull down handle end end caps are available.

Features, Benefits and Options

  • Spring Operated
  • Unique Side Channels can be used as Posts
  • 5 Sided Aluminium Bottom Bar
  • 63mm Aluminium Top Tube
  • Easy to Face Fit
  • Cassette

Post Feet

Allows the side channel to be used as a post. The post foot is a small piece of cast aluminium which attaches to the ground. The channel is supplied with a cut out which slips over the post foot, a snap infill will then cover the cut out.

Bottom Rail

The five sided heavy duty aluminium bottom rail located within the side channels allows this spring tension awning to be locked off at any height.

Betta 3000

Use Acrylic materials to create full shade and privacy. Use Mesh materials for excellent shade, privacy and airflow. Mesh materials allow the preservation of your outlook, while restricting visibility looking in externally.

Standard Colours: Side Channels & Bottom Bar

Classic Cream


Woodland Grey






... with custom Dulux Colours available

At Betta Blinds and Awnings we only use quality components for the fabrication of our awnings. Five Year No Rust Component Guarantee.

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