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ZSZipscreen™ Straight Drop Awning

Zipscreen™ is the ultimate external screening solution for any outdoor area or window. Specially designed for alfresco, veranda, and balcony applications, Zipscreen offers privacy and protection from the sun, wind, rain, and insects all year round.

Custom built, Zipscreen systems can be made in widths of up to 5.8 metres and of drops up to 4 metres, or an impressive 7 metres with Zipscreen Extreme, offering an external solution to fit almost any area.


ziptrack MASTER

Hidden z-LOCK™ Technology

Breakthrough z-LOCK™ technology provides a unique fabric guide, fastening and securing the welded zip and fabric concealed within the side channels; creating a strong, smooth and streamlined system. The hidden z-LOCK™ function ensures no gap between the fabric screen and side channels and a secure guided movement that won’t blow out in the wind. A total seal provided by Zipscreen’s z-LOCK™ technology and bottom sealing strip aids in creating a relaxing insect free environment.


There are a range of options to control your Zipscreen outdoor shades, from conventional manual controls, with a simple crank gear or spring solution, to our premium motorised system.

Smart Phone Control

Have total control right in the palm of your hand, whether you’re home or away. Our Zipscreen shades can be controlled directly from your smart phone, using Automate motors together with the Automate Pulse hub. Receive live animated shade feedback, through the Automate app, and know exactly what your shades are doing.

Voice Control

For the ultimate comfort and convenience, Zipscreen Automate Shades are now compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Control your shades without even having to lift a finger, lower or raise them with a simple voice command instead. Zipscreen™ is compatible with Apple Home Kit with the Pulse 2 Hub.


zipscreen Ultra lock

The All New Ultra-Lock

The patented new Ultra-Lock boasts adaptive locking technology, which allows the shade position to be easily reset if simultaneous locking is interrupted by unexpected weather conditions or obstacles. A stronger heavy duty latching pin combined with a hidden integrated design ensures a reliable solution, which can be pre-assembled off-site, for a quick & easy installation.


Keep Your Home Cool In Summer and Warm In Winter

Direct sun on your windows is the greatest source of unwanted heat in the home. Effective external shading can solve this problem by blocking up to 90% of that heat. By shading a building and creating an effective barrier between the sun and your window, you can create a cooler home environment and save energy. Shading glass is the best way to reduce unwanted heat gain, however, permanent shading structures that are inappropriately placed and designed can block winter sun, while extensive shading in summer can reduce pleasant daylight. Adjustable shading systems can offer the best of both worlds, reducing heat build-up in summer, and enabling warm winter heat when the system is retracted.


Colour Options

Match or compliment your existing structure with customised options for the vertical tracks, bottom bar and pelmet. Zipscreen™ aluminium componentry can be provided in 6 different popular Colourbond® colours, or powder-coated to any conceivable colour.



 At Betta Blinds and Awnings we only use Authorised Components for the fabrication of Zipscreen™ Blinds.

 All Zipscreen™ content and images supplied courtesy of © 2018 Rollease Acmeda Group.

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