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September 2015 Newsletter - Edition 96

Fabulous Four Families Price Reductions: Berkley and Quebec

BERKLEY and QUEBEC fabrics have both had a substantial drop in price and are available in our In House Collection (please contact us to have swatches posted to insert into your Betta IN HOUSE fabrics folder).

These fabrics also come with a 10% online discount for Roller Blinds and a 5% online discount for Romans and Panel Glides. (Updated fabric list attached. Please remove previous version.)

To make room in your In House fabric folder remember to move these fabrics into the New Builders Range Folder: Screen, Kato, Atlanta, Vibe (NB: Vibe Metallic is not included in Builders Range pricing), Maui Blockout (These Colours only: Expresso and Latte, other colours are Category A)


Blockout - with energy conserving, heat-reflecting white coating.
Category B in Roller Blinds
Category 2 in Romans and Panels
Category A in Roller Blinds
Category 1 in Romans and Panels



Blockout only - Coated same colour
Category B in Roller Blinds
Category 2 in Romans and Panels


Spring is the perfect time to remind you about COOL BLIND

 Australian Made Cool Blind fabric is in our In House Collection.  

DOUBLE your DISCOUNT until 31 December 2015 with 20% off online orders for Roller Blinds and 10% off Panel Glides and Roman Blinds. 



Independent testing shows after being in direct sunlight for 3 hours, the radiant temperature of COOL BLIND was measured at 29.5 degrees Celsius, while a regular PVC screen was 26% higher at 37.2 degrees.




Click above right on Video Online image to see the great story on the development of this outstanding fabric. Visit the website to find out more.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a swatch for your In House folder.  



Notice from Uniline:

Uniline manufacturing will no longer be in a position to provide ladder-locked venetian blinds.

Please note that this does not impact on our ability to produce our patented and award winning Privasee® venetian blind.  350mm is the smallest venetian blind we can do after 1st of August 2015.

Bricos (Mermet) and Four Families - Price Adjustment 

Notice From Bricos: BRICOS is implementing a price adjustment, covering all products under the BRICOS, MERMET and TURNILS brands.  With the continued steady decline in the Australian Dollar, it has become necessary to increase list prices for all BRICOS products.  Every effort has been made to absorb increased costs wherever possible, for as long as possible.  We are not passing on the full adjustment of the currency decline, in order to keep this price adjustment to a minimum.

Notice From Four Families: In an effort to maintain a competitive position in our window covering market, we have spent the past 6 months improving our operations, warehousing efficiencies and working closely with our weaving partners. These improvements allow us to minimise the size of an unavoidable price increase, linked to the strengthening of the USD.

Price Changes effective from 1st October 2015.  Betta Blinds have absorbed the majority of the price increases however Category F & G for In House Roller Blinds pricing has been adjusted. Please use attached updated fabric list and In House Roller Blinds Price List (both attached) which reflects these changes. (please discard/delete any previous versions)

These fabrics have gone up a price Category: DL (Designer Label) Sunscreen, Clovelly Sheer, Kiribati Translucent, Savona Blockout and Summit Translucent. These fabrics have gone down a price category: Scarborough Translucent, Kiribati Blockout, Parnell Translucent are now Category F.  Tremont Light Filtering now down to Category 1 for Panels/Romans.

Thank you for your understanding and support. Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.

25% DISCOUNT (more than DOUBLE your online DISCOUNT)

australia map x2FFYARN



Made in Four Families favourite Australian weaving mill in Queensland, using exquisite Italian yarn.

Discount from 1st October to 31st October.  Please note: This discount has increased to compensate for the price change in Category G.  DISCOUNTS: 25% for ROLLER BLINDS | 15% for PANEL GLIDES / ROMAN BLINDS.  NB: From 14th August to 30th September the discount is 20% and 10% respectively.




As previously advised, Atlanta Blockout is now included in our great value Builders Range products.

* NEW * 2800mm width.

New colours: Blockout: Alabaster, Charcoal, Shale, Slate, Stone. Translucent: Alabaster, Stone

Deleted colours: Blockout: Dune, Pebble, Rice.  Translucent: Dove, Porpoise, Rice, Taupe

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request the new Atlanta swatch.  

Please also contact us if you have not yet requested a Builders Range folder (these are supplied empty for you to transfer swatches from your In House folder: Screen, Kato, Atlanta, Vibe.


Price List Correction: In House Roller Blinds Price List is attached to replace in your price folders.  There was an error in the pelmets pricing on one page.  Please note prices have changed for Category F and G.

Mode and Classic battens are not available in Marrakesh fabric.  Look for this symbol in the fabric list which denotes fabrics which cannot be used with Mode or Classic Battens in Roman Blinds or Panel Glides. ☼

Botanica fabric by Louvolite must have battens on Panel Glides.  Ψ Look for this symbol in our fabric list which denotes which fabrics must use battens in Panels.

Fabric Colours DiscontinuedBoston Ebony and Buffalo

Hunter Douglas Internal Fabric Collection Colour Discontinuations: PLAZA® Plus
Malt 320LM - available
Jewel 337LM - available
Beach Sand 420LM - available
Citrus Cream 340LM - available
Please contact the Customer Service team prior to placing any large orders on the stock being phased out

Betta Price List.  star Look for this symbol in the Vertical Fabric List which denotes In House fabrics.  Vertical Fabric List attached to replace in your Betta Price List.  Some Louvolite fabrics have been deleted (this had been notified previously, however the list had missed being updated).  Basix now on list as Category B.

LEAD TIMES: Please plan for additional lead times for orders in Louvolite fabrics The average lead time for the fabric to arrive here is 6-10 days. However there have been a number of instances where the fabric has taken much longer due to shipping from the UK.  We recommend that you follow up ahead of time to get an update on lead times to keep your customer informed.  We always endeavour to keep customers up to date with any delays once they are known to us.  We are not always informed by the supplier of potential delays and only find out when the fabric has not arrived in time for the scheduled job.

Louvolite's 2015 Collection - Great Options for large glazed areas.

Pictured Top: Roller Blinds in fabric Belize (colour Paprika) [3 metre width]
Bottom: Panel Glides in fabric Sheer (colour Golden Green) [2 metre width]

[Don't forget the 33% discount available on Louvolite 2015 Collection Folders and update packs]

LL Roller Belize Paprika

LL Panel Sheer Golden-Green


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