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April 2015 Newsletter - Edition 91

Betta has Pelmets Covered

New - Vogue Pelmet

Vogue w Panel mode


For those in love with chic designer looks our range of stylish designer pelmets are very popular.  

We are pleased to introduce our latest addition to the range. Choose our new Vogue Pelmets for an extremely sleek and modern look.  

Vogue (100mm Aluminium) is available now. Suitable for Roman Blinds, Panel Glides and Roller Blinds, also Sheer Vision Roller Blinds (Sheer Vision scheduled release: 1st May 2015).  

Please note there are two types of Vogue Pelmets.  The roller version has a top and front, and the Roman/Panel version does not have a top. The Roman version is not compatible for installing with Roller blinds. NB: Not available in Builders Range products. 

Standard Colours: Rivergum (Beige), Black, White, Birch White, Chrome, Clear Anodised.  Powder coated Dulux/Duralloy colours also available ($10 metre surcharge with a minimum charge of $70).  Please note longer lead times when powder coating option selected (15-18 working days).

The standard colours coordinate beautifully with Bottom Rails on Roller Blinds, and Mode Style battens on Roman Blinds and Panel Glides. Contact Cianne to order a Vogue Pelmet hand sample. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Vogue Pelmet pricing please download our new price lists for Roller Blinds, In House Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Panel Glides and Pelmets Only.  If you do not have a login for Customer Resources on our website please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Pictured: Above Right: Mode Style Panel Glide | Below Left: Roller Blind | Below Right: Mode Style Roman

Vogue w Roller TudorVogue w Roman mode

NEW DAWN PRICE - Effective 1st May 2015

As advised in our January Newsletter, Uniline increased their prices on all of the their products.  At that time we did not increase the price of Dawn and have kept the price down for as long as possible; however we advise the price of Dawn will increase to Category C for In House Roller Blinds.  

As Dawn is a popular fabric we have kept the price down artificially for years to maintain its affordability, however this time we have no choice but to place it in the category where the new pricing falls. New Fabric Collection attached. Please make sure your records are up to date.

New Price effective from the 1st of May.  Please remember this when quoting. If you are quoting for an order to be manufactured after the 1st May you must quote with the May prices.  Quotes are valid for only 30 days.  


Orissa, like all other fabric and component suppliers, have also increased their prices. We have been able to maintain some prices despite the increase to us.  

Prices have increased on Naples (no change in our price), Jamaican (up a category), Moroccan (no change in our price), Tulip, and Pacific (these two have gone up a category).  Dynasty is being phased out so it has been deleted from our range.  Bermuda, Celestial and Florentine prices did not go up.

Heritage has been added to our fabric list. Price changes effective 20th April.  New Fabric Collection attached. Please make sure your records are up to date.

Happy Easter!



All the team at Betta Blinds and Awnings wish you a relaxing and happy Easter Break.

Please note: We will be closed on Good Friday, 3rd April, and on Easter Monday, 6th April.

Thank you for your support this year and look forward to continuing to serve you after Easter.

Four Families on The Home Team


Four Families was front and centre recently when new home renovation series, The Home Team, aired. Network Ten’s newest renovation show offers expert DIY advice for the home. The program takes viewers on a home reno journey, transforming a 1950’s renovators delight.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Cirrus blind fabric, which had a starring role!

Click on image at left to view Episode.   Contact Cianne to order the Four Families Collection Boxed Sample Set. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Release Fabric: the Sanctuary Collection (Texstyle/Scott Free)


The Sanctuary Collection is a defining aesthetic for the market in 11 blockout colours in soothing tones with an organic texture.. Available in 3,000mm width, it has a unique three-dimensional pattern.

Roller | Roman | Panel Glides, Sanctuary will transform and bring your interior space to life. 

Category 3 in Romans, Rollers and Panels.  New fabric list attached. 

Contact Cianne to request a swatch. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

New Release Fabric: Marley (Wilson Studio)

Wilson Studio Marley

Marley is an art deco inspired design which promotes elegance, sophistication and style. Made in Australia and available in Blockout and Translucent, Marley is a stylish addition to Wilson Studio collection.

Roller | Roman | Panel Glides

Width 2750mm

Blockout Category 9
Uncoated Category 5

Please see updated fabric list attached which includes the new Marley and Sanctuary.


100% Polyester

StainProtectTM & FR Tested to AS/NZS 1530.3


Look for the boomerang symbol in our fabric list to see fabrics manufactured in Australian Mills.

The new Marley swatch is available for those who have the Wilson Studion Collection book.  Contact Cianne to request a swatch. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  ---attached photo here.

NB: Ψ Warning on selecting Panel Glides without Battens on Unsuitable Fabrics

Ψ This symbol in our Fabric Collection list represents fabrics which must have battens on Panel Glide panels. This is due to these fabrics having a history of curling out of shape when cut at narrower widths.  

We are not willing to manufacturer panels without battens on these unsuitable fabrics.  When a warranty waiver has previously been agreed to we have still had very unhappy purchasers, who have remained unhappy with the look, and expect replacement without charge which is not possible and can have an effect on business reputation.

Unfortunately we are unable to program our current online ordering system to not allow you to select these fabrics if battens are not selected.  We hope to change this in an updated online system in the not too distant future.  

In the meantime we suggest you stick a warning label on the fabrics which must have battens so that you do not quote or order incorrectly and disappoint your clients.

Batten styles co-ordinate marvellously with our Pelmet Range. Classic (an unobtrusive batten style), Plantation and Mode. See picture of Mode Battens with matching Vogue Pelmet at the beginning of the newsletter.

Mercury by Wilson Fabrics

Wilson Aruba


Now with matching translucent curtain fabric.

Matching blinds to curtains is a very stylish interior decor option.  

You can mix and match curtains and blinds throughout the house while maintaining the same colour theme and style.

Look to Wilson Fabrics for co-ordinating blind and curtain fabrics.

The new translucent curtain fabric "Aruba" is on trend, and looks great with matching Mercury blinds (as pictured).  

Broome II naturally textured blind fabric also available in a coordinating Broome II drapery fabric.  

Boston: The beautifully textured jacquard weave matches the popular "Avalon" curtain fabric.austmadeo

“Confidence In Textiles”
Tested for Harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100




Lost Something? If you have recently been at Chancellor College you have left behind your Betta venetian slat swatch.  Please contact Megan at Chancellor to arrange to pick it up.

Deleted Batten Colour - Classic Style Battens.  Clear Anodised is not available. Click here to download the updated Order Form for Roman Blinds.  

Hunter Douglas Internal Fabric Collection Discontinuations

No longer available: Attica | Quay | Panama
Harlow, Translucent, Papaya Harlow, Blockout, Papaya | Harlow, Blockout, Praline

Hunter Douglas Internal Fabric Collection New Releases
Kendall, Keram, Ramie and the next generation Quay Plus

UNILINE price increase Dawn will be priced at Category C for In House Rollers (effective 1st May)

SUNSHINE SCREENS have increased their fabric prices.  Please contact us to find out the price category for their fabrics. Effective 20th April.

PRICE CHANGES: Orissa fabrics and Dawn (see above)


complaintsbuttonOUCH!!  Do you ever feel that it's not worth the pain dealing with a business who really doesn't want to know about your problems or concerns? 

At Betta we want to face complaints head on, in a positive way, with the view to preventing avoidable problems altogether. We all know mistakes happen…we’re only human, so how best to tackle them?

We understand that issues can affect your business reputation. So any problems, whether our fault, our suppliers, transport damage, or even a customer’s measuring error, all have the same priority to fix them as quickly and as painlessly as possible so any inconvenience is minimalised.

Market research shows that only some dissatisfied customers complain - the 'tip of the iceberg', and that many don't know who to complain to in an organisation.

If we don't know what went wrong, we cannot make changes to prevent further occurrences so we encourage you to communicate with us. Your concerns are taken seriously and we want to continue to improve how we do this.  

Priority of Service: Our policy is for any remakes or alterations are back out the door within 48 hours. This is dependent upon stock and cannot always be adhered to, but we strive to keep you informed. 

We track issues and research component, fabric or other problems to avoid repeats of flaws or issues.

To make it easier to complain please see the following information on procedures for lodging faults and complaints to help avoid future problems and to fix things as quickly as possible.

Who should you complain to?  If the problem is to do with a particular product which needs repair or replacement please contact our friendly and professional Customer Service staff. Click here to download our up to date Contact Details.  If issues are not resolved to your satisfaction please contact our General Manager, Sharyn Moran.


Marshall Field (August 18, 1834 – January 16, 1906) was an American entrepreneur and the founder of Chicago-based department stores, renowned for its then-exceptional level of customer service.  

At Betta Blinds and Awnings our aim is to have a reputation for exceptional service, "Service How it Should Be".

Procedures To Help Remedy Problems

GOODS DAMAGED IN TRANSIT:  If you receive goods that have been damaged in transit please follow the procedure detailed in this PDF file to here

Warranties / Returns Please complete a fault form and email to us along with any photos of the fault if available.  Download Fault Form PDF or Excel version. Before attempting to return any custom made product, you must notify the office to obtain approval.     


 Please remember we want to receive your compliments, suggestions or concerns.

Additional Notes on Fabrics

Due to transport and storage methods and the nature / characteristics of fabric blinds, acrylic backed fabrics can sometimes rub and create pinholes. Fabric manufacturers supply and recommend the use of their paint kits for minor on-site repairs, such as pin holes. This is the same paint/coating used by the fabric manufacturers and is made of the same components as the backing of the fabric. We recommend that the fabric manufacturers’ touch up paint be used to restore the skins prior to any possible approval for skin replacement.  It is recommended that Fabric Touch up Paint Kits be carried by all installers. 

Natural cotton or polyester/cotton compositions can often have inherent fabric characteristics. Due to the nature of these fabrics and their intended “natural“ woven appearance there may be some small cotton seed lines and short thick places in the yarn, which are part of the inherent natural characteristic of these fabric e.g. Palm Beach, Kiribati etc.

Translucent fabrics can change colour depending on the amount of light, or lack of light illuminating the fabric.

Some fabrics with very strong and dark colours can be seen through the white acrylic coating e.g.: some 5th Avenue colours.

Flaws and production mistakes must be reported within two weeks of installation of product to allow rectification work to proceed if necessary.  

Product should be installed within two weeks of receipt to ensure fabrics are not damaged from extended storage in packaging.  Warranties may not apply if goods are stored in packaging for extended periods. 


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