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Newsletter - June 2014 - No. 81

Contemporary Style: Pharoah Papyrus by Louvolite

pharoah papyrus vert cam1

Please note we still have a 25% discount off the price of Louvolite Fabric Collections.  To order please use our Retail Items Order From (click to download form - prices on form).

We have just received another shipment of the popular Four Families Collection.  Please use the order form above to order the boxed collection.  33% discount is still available to trading customers.

10% to 20% off Sunshadow NET Sunscreen in White


White sunscreen is highly reflective thereby limiting light and heat transmission for more efficient shading during the day. Choose white to optimise solar reflection and cooling.  When the temperature drops at night, select a blockout in a dual blind to help reduce radiated heat loss.   Lighter colour fabrics reflect more heat to save on energy costs.  

Take advantage of our great discount in White Net fabric.  10% off Builders Range and 20% off In House prices.  See other Net special offers below.

Catch Up on Reduced Pricing announced in last months newsletter...

Price Reduction: Newport Fabric (In House Roller Blinds). Prices reduced on these most popular Newport colours. Effective from 1st May 2014 and will stay in place until 31st July 2014.  Blockout down to Category C. These Colours Only: Dove, Natural, Steel, Stone, White (Other colours are still Category D). Translucent: Down to Category B These Colours Only: Dove, Natural, White

More Reasons to love Zeebra Fabric. Prices have gone down again. In House Rollers, Panels and Romans Price Reductions.  Prices reduced on all Zeebra blockout and translucent colours. Effective from 1st May 2014.  Blockout now Category B for In House Roller Blinds.  Translucent now Category A for In House Roller Blinds.  Category 1 for Panels and Romans.  See new June fabric list attached.

See more special offers below...

Important Product Notes  - Keeping you in the loop...


Mini Dawn by popular demand Fire Engine Red is now a brighter red. For updated samples please contact us.


Bricos: Hampton, Lava, Emporium and EcoBalance ranges are being phased out. Mermet Tanami with the exception of two popular colours - Charcoal Black and Dark Grey
Selected colours and/or widths from these fabric ranges are also being phased out - details as follows:
Mermet Fabrics
- M-Screen in Cocoa Apricot-Hazelnut, Cocoa Brick Façade-Cocoa, Cocoa Cocoa-Hazelnut, Cocoa Phoenix, Sable Cocoa-Hazelnut, Sable Straw-Cocoa; also phased-out is 200cm width in Charcoal Apricot & Charcoal Lotus
- Deco-Screen in Cobblestone, Parchment, Naturelle, Harvest, Hazelnut, Shalestone & Smokey Quartz
- E-Screen 7505 & 7510 in Linen
- E-Screen with KOOLBLACK™ Technology in Cocoa & Charcoal Apricot
- Kenross (Translucent & Blockout) in Bilby
- Lintex (Trans & B/O) in Cream, Stone & Brown; Also Orange, Tobacco & Peanut in Transparent
- Peninsula (Trans & B/O) in Noir, Truffle & Marias
Bricos Fabrics
- Sassari (Trans & B/O) in Costa & Manca; Also Abate, Porto & Piaza in Blockout
- Scarborough (Trans & B/O) in Vanilla
- Kiribati (Trans & B/O) in Maui; Also Malakula & Milan in Blockout
- Sienna (Trans & B/O) in Vanilla; Also Almond, Atlantic, Cream, Fern, Sultana & Black in Blockout; Also Neutral in Translucent (Blockout still available)
- Centro in Dune, Graphite & Rialto; Also Centro Project Pearl & Rialto
- Newport (Trans & B/O) in Barley, Dune, Steel & Charcoal
- Net Series in White/Blue Grey, Ivory & Royal Blue
- RR Series in White Apricot, Linen, Bronze Mustard & Charcoal Bronze; Also the 200cm width is being phased-out
- Screen Opulence in Marble, Rye, Shale, Tobacco, White, Charcoal Bronze, Ebony, Ivory, Pewter & Stone
These products are marked as phase-out and are available while stocks last. Please feel free to check availability of these fabrics with Bricos Customer Service on 03 8773 0000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to ordering.

These in stock fabrics below will gain an additional 20% discount on current blinds prices (while stock lasts).

Must be ordered online (additonal online discount not applicable)

Scarborough Vanilla 3 BO 2
  Vanilla 3 LF 14
Kiribati  Maui 2.8 BO 5.8
  Maui 2.8 LF 3.8
  Malakula 2.8 BO 20.2/1.9
  Milan 2.8 BO 20.5
Sienna Vanilla 2.8 LF 4.5/7
  Almond 2.8 BO 15
Centro Rialto 2.8 BO 10.2
Newport Barley 2.8 BO 8.2
  Barley 2.8 LF 2.2
  Steel  2.8 BO 13
Net   Series  White/Blue Grey 2.5 S 2.5
  Ivory  2.5 S 5
RR   Series  White Apricot 2.5/3 S 21
  Linen 2.5/3 S 2.5
  Charcoal/Grey 2 S 2.5
Screen   Opulence  Ebony 2.5 S 4.2
  Ivory 2.5 S 22


Wilson Fabrics Comet: Deleted: Fern B/O, Flesh B/O, Rock B/O and Translucent, Thistle B/O

Uniview - When ordering Uniview fabric please specify whether 5% or 10%, indoor or outdoor.

Uniline deleted stock: • Slimline Venetian: 25mm Lime and Dawn Nature - All sizes.

Please remember: 1. remove deletions from your swatch collections. 2. download new Fabric Lists to insert into the Betta Blinds Price List. New June fabric lists are attached for your convenience.
Please email Sharyn to have any price or fabric list updates emailed to you or to see previous deletion notices.

Goods received damaged in transit  - If you receive goods that have been damaged in Transit – Please make sure you sign the connote "Goods Damaged".  Click here to download full procedure.

Public Holiday Closures: Monday 9th June (Queens Birthday) and Friday 13th June (Regional Show Day)

Special Offers - Up to 40% off Roller Blinds

Continued from previous month...

While Stock lasts

JAVA Sunscreen 30% off Rollers  

ATLANTA Blockout colour DUNE 30% off Rollers.

MAUI Blockout40% off Rollers These selected colours only: Expresso or Latte. Ongoing.

COMET 40% off 2.5 width Blockout Colours: Caramel, Truffle.  Translucent Colours: Caramel, Fern, Flesh, Rock, Thistle, Truffle

Comet is Australian Made Aust Made

builders range

For the very first time we are offering a discount on our Builders Range Roller Blinds in Sunscreen NET fabric.

10% off Net White Builders Range Rollers

5% off for other colours in Net in Builders Range Rollers. Ongoing until further notice.  For online orders only.  These Colours Only: White/Linen, Charcoal and White/Sable Grey

This discount will also apply to Roller Blinds at Category C In House Collection prices. Now 15% off instead of the usual 10% for online orders. In above colours only.  Category A WHITE Net will receive a 20% discount.

Did you know?  Panel Glides and Roman Blinds are now available in Builders Range .  Choose from Sunscreen, Blockout and Translucent fabrics.



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