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Newsletter - May 2014 - No. 80
Great News on Price Reduction: Newport Fabric

Newport from Bricos is a perennial favourite and it is available in 12 fashion colours.  Newport is 100% Polyester woven in a popular dobby weave .  Net Sunscreen is another great coordinator for dual roller blinds. 

NB: All Newport blockout fabric now has White backing (acrylic foam coating),


In House Roller Blinds Price Reduction

Prices reduced on these most popular Newport colours. Effective from 1st May 2014 and will stay in place until 31st July 2014. 

Blockout down from Category D to Category C. These Colours Only: Dove, Natural, Steel, Stone, White (Other colours are still Category D)

Translucent: Down from Category C to Category B These Colours Only: Dove, Natural, White




You will love Zeebra Fabric even more... Prices have gone down again!

Zeebra Chalk 3


In House Rollers, Panels and Romans Price Reductions

Prices reduced on all Zeebra blockout and translucent colours. Effective from 1st May 2014.

Blockout down from Category C to Category B for In House Roller Blinds. 

Translucent: Down from Category B to Category A for In House Roller Blinds, and down to Category 1 for Panels and Romans.  See new fabric list attached.

Comet by Wilson Fabrics


Comet and Florida fabrics are going wider to 2.8m (early June).  Comet: 5 new colours: Charcoal, Moose, Pebble, Pewter & Stone.   

40% off Roller Blinds

Width 2.5

Comet Blockout Colours: Caramel, Truffle

Comet Translucent Colours: Caramel, Fern, Flesh, Rock, Thistle, Truffle

While Stock lasts

Aust Made



Important Product Notes


Wilson Fabrics Comet: Deleted Colours: Fern B/O, Flesh B/O, Rock B/O and Translucent, Thistle B/O

Please remove these from your swatch collections.

Please remember you can download new Fabric Lists to insert into the Betta Blinds Price List. Click here to go to website.  In this instance the new fabric list is attached for your convenience.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have any price or fabric list updates emailed to you or to see previous deletion notices.

Builders Range Vibe information:   SHAW | VibeXtra Test Report - AS1530 PartIII  FR classification on Vibe pdf copy of the FR Test Report CLICK HERE for  the rating to AS1530 Part III as described in the product specifications sheet.  Please retain this Certificate for your records and use as necessary to give your customers confirmation of the official standard attained.

Funky Geometric Design: Fed Square by Four Families

Fed Sq

Special Offers - Up to 40% off Roller Blinds


Continued from previous month...

JAVA Sunscreen 30% off Rollers  

ATLANTA Blockout colour DUNE 30% off Rollers.

MAUI Blockout 40% off Rollers:  These selected colours only: Expresso or Latte. Ongoing.


For the very first time we are offering a discount on our Builders Range Roller Blinds in Sunscreen NET fabric.

5% off for online orders. Ongoing until further notice

These Colours Only: White,White/Linen, Charcoal and White/Sable Grey

This discount will also apply to Roller Blinds at Category C In House Collection prices.Now 15% off instead of the usual 10% for online orders. In above colours only.

Care and Maintenance Guide for Awnings


Please ensure that the following cleaning instructions are adhered to, otherwise warranty may be deemed invalid.

  • Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air.
  • Clean with a soft brush or sponge.
  • Marks can be removed by lightly sponging with warm water and mild natural soap.
  • Use water with mild detergent and soap flakes. (do not use cleaning products such as cleaning sprays or fluids, soap powders, concentrated detergents).
  • Use warm water, do not use hot water.
  • Detergent ratio should be no more than 5 grams per litre of water.
  • Rinse with clean water.
  • Do not scrub.
  • Do not use solvents or any abrasive substance which might damage the coating of the fabrics.
  • Leave blind down until completely dry before retracting.

HANDY TIP: Hose down your awning on dry warm days to remove dust and improve the appearance of the fabric, retarding the growth of any fungus.

Awnings care instructions are packed with your orders.  Please ask your installer to leave this with the purchaser when installing. 

To download our Awnings Care and Maintenance Guide CLICK HERE 



Due to a high tension internal spring mechanism on the Betta1000 awnings, extreme care is required when releasing the awning from the hold down position. 

Keep firm hold of bottom rail when releasing from the hold downs to prevent damage or injury.  Labels with this warning will be attached to the Betta1000 awnings.  Please advise your installer to leave the label on the awning after installation.



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