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Newsletter - December 2013 - No. 73


Betta Blinds and Awnings would like to thank you for your support during 2013.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Wishing you happiness and laughter, with peace and good fortune thereafter.

Damien and all the crew at Betta.

Christmas Closure And Last Orders

Last orders Friday 6th December.  Current trading customers are welcome to call past this date to see if we are able to squeeze in a late order.  Please note there are no guarantees past this date (first in best dressed).

Last days for Despatch: Toll Ipec 17th (FNQ and NSW) and 19th December SEQ.

Last day for Local courier and pick up Friday 20th December (12:00 noon).
Christmas Closure: Final Day Friday 20th December - Closing time 12:00 noon.  Re-Open Monday 6th January 2014

builders range 330

The Betta Blinds Builders Range combines exceptional value with our proven quality, great service and five year guarantee.

Featuring Panel Glides, Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds and Vertical Drapes, all are priced well below our standard blind categories.

award160   guarantee160




Builders Range Panel Glides   Builders Range Roller Blinds 

Available in Atlanta Translucent, Screen and Vibe
Maximum Drop 3000mm
Straight Drop Only - No Batten Styles



Available in Sunshadow Net Series, Atlanta Translucent,
Screen and Vibe
Maximum Width 2430mm
Maximum Drop 2400mm
40mm Roller Tube
Oval Bottom Rail (Anodised, White, Birch White and Black)
No Bracket Covers on Face Fit Blinds


Builders Range Roman Blinds   Builders Range Vertical Drapes 

Available in Atlanta Translucent, Screen and Vibe
Maximum Width 2400mm
Maximum Drop 2400mm
Chain Control Only
Batten Styles available:
Plantation Style with Timber Battens (pelmets optional)
Mode or Classic with Aluminium Battens (pelmets optional)

  Vertical Drapes are available in Vibe only
Blades 127mm
White & Birch White Track (fabric track insert additional)
White Weights
Wand Control Only




sunshadow160   screen160   atlanta160   vibe160

Sunshadow Net Series
White, White/Linen,
White/Sable Grey and
10 Year Warranty


Charcoal, Charcoal Grey,
Charcoal Bronze, Linen,
White Linen, White Stone
and White. 2 Year Warranty


Atlanta Translucent
Available in 8 Colours
2 Year Warranty


Available in 19 Colours
2 Year Warranty


Inspire your clients by selling Visiontex™

Choose to sell Visiontex Plus™ & Visiontex Ultra to give yourself a little extra spending money for Xmas and Easter! When you sell a blind using any Visontex™ product from 1st October - 31st March you will be rewarded for your loyalty.  Click here to find out more.



Price equivalent to Category 1 in Roller Blinds!

Blockout 35% Off Roller Blinds
(25% on Panel Glides and Roman Blinds)

Translucent 20% Off Roller Blinds
(10% on Panel Glides and Romans)

With classic retro styling Australian Made Windsor is the perfect choice for traditional and contemporary interiors. The vertical and horizontal textures combine in a colour pallet that includes new-style greys and much-loved mocha tones.

Take advantage of this great offer while it lasts.  Discounts expire at the end of February 2014.





Maui and Polar - Selected Colours Special Offer

40% Discount off Rollers: Maui Expresso or Latte
50% Discount off Rollers: Polar run out colours:

Don't forget our popular In House Collection featuring beautiful fabrics from the leading Australian fabric suppliers: Bricos, Filigree, Shaw, Texstyle and Uniline.  Contact us for more information

Tips on Pricing Panel Glides

Since the release of the new Panel Glide price list there have been a few enquiries on how to price them.A simple step by step guide is in our Panel Glide price list to assist you.

  1. Turn to the correct page in the price list (with or without Battens)
  2. Use the measurement of the full width of the Blind to select the track size.
  3. Find out what category the fabric is.
  4. Divide the width of the blind by the number of Panels you want.  This will give you the width size of the panel to look up panels prices.  We add a 50mm overlap to the panel; however you do not need to add the overlap allowance when pricing your panels.  Please do not include deductions for the track in your drop measurements for the panels.  We will make the allowances necessary.
  5. Multiply the panel price by the total number of panels.
  6. Add total panel price to track price.

Refer to price list and this example to see how it works.

Say, your blind size is2400mm width x 2000mm drop.  You want a 5 track with 5 panels with battens. Category 5 fabric. Go to the Panel Glides with Battens price page.
5 Track x 2400mm = $117
Divide the 2400mm width by 5. Price Panels at 480mm width per panel x 2000mm drop. $98 per panel x 5 = $490.
Add track to panels, Total $ 607 Voilà!

Reminder on Copy Shortcut in online ordering
Download the Quoting and Ordering instructions (click here) for information to guide you through the new system.
Short Cut For Duplicating Previous Blind Information To The Next Blind On Your Order:  The new system does not automatically retain previous blind information.  Should you wish to do so, select Options then Copy instead of Add when going to the next blind on your order, and this will copy previous details.  Please note that not all information for options is copied across.
Important Product Notes and other information
Betta5000 Straight Drop - Lock Down Latches - Crank Handle - Max. Width 5800mm
Betta6000 Straight Drop - Side Channel - Crank Handle - Max. Width 5900mm
Betta7000 Straight Drop - Wire Guide - Crank Handle - Max. Width 5800mm

UPDATE Dawn Studio Range: Dawn Studio will consist of 5 base fabric options; White, Warm White, Custom Cream, Pewter and Macchiato.
Please Note: Dawn Misty & Ash Blue have been deleted from the Studio collection.
Dawn Studio Pearlised consists of 3 base fabric options; Ghost Gum, Racoon and Harbour
Dawn Studio Vivid range, includes 3 new patterns available across a choice of 10 coloured prints. (5 bold & 5 pastels). This range is only available on Dawn White.

Bricos Newport Blockout Rialto and Summit Blockout Pyreness: At this stage the fabric will not be available until January 2014
Orissa Fabrics Roller and Vertical.  Please contact us to enquire regarding lead times, specifying the query is for an Orissa fabric, prior to advising your customer of normal estimated lead times, there have been some delays, however these may have been resolved in the meantime.

LEAD TIMES:  There may be some delay in order processing due to the current workload.  Therefore the confirmation date on your orders could be slightly out of sequence by a couple or more days.  If you want a definite confirmation date please call us to confirm.   Lead times on roller blinds are 14 working days at this stage.

UNILINE DELETED COLOURS: Dawn Apricot , Dawn Nature Roller 2400 (still available in 2100)  Deleted: Uniweave Cotton Blockout and Pandanus Blockout.  Please remove from swatch.

NEW RELEASE AWNINGS FABRIC:  Visiontex Ultra 1% - 3050mm Width - Category B+5%  Updated on Price List.  See reward offer above.

Filigree: Atlanta Pebble Translucent - Rollers & Verts.
Hunter Douglas: Seascape Roller and Vertical fabric ranges: SEASCAPE COLOUR DELETED / ALTERNATIVE ECOVIEW® Plus FABRIC RANGE & COLOUR:
- Pistachio / Storm Wheat
- Vanilla / Natural White
- White / White
- Iron / Midnight Smudge
- Nude / Midnight Aloe
- Icecream / Natural White
- Sesame / Pearl Linen
Seascape Vertical 127mm, Iron and Bisque deleted.
Bricos:Designer Collection: Cayman, Cadence, Newhaven and Serenade

Please remove the above colours from your swatches.

FABRIC COLLECTION CORRECTION: HUNTER DOUGLAS – BALTIC fabric is only available in Translucent for Vertical Blinds.  It is not available in Blockout.  This option has now been removed from the main fabric list and from the Vertical Fabric list.  This was not clear in pricing received from HD. We apologise for any inconvenience.

NEW RELEASE AWNINGS FABRIC:  Almost waterproof!! Visiontex Ultra 1% - 3050mm Width - Category B+5%  Please download updated version of price list, alternatively contact us if you require this to be emailed to you.

- Black Chain for Vertical Blinds due mid/late December.  Black Chains and Black Bottom Weights are an option not offered by most vertical blind suppliers and we are pleased to have this in our range.
- Battens: Classic Style (rear extrusions) Colour on backorder: Clear Anodised. ETA: New year.

Please make sure you are quoting from the new price list effective 1st October.  If you are a current trading customer and have not received your printed price list please contact us to arrange to have one posted to you.  Please advise if you need just the page inserts or a new complete folder. 

WARNING ON EXTENDED STORAGE OF BLNDS: At this time of year some customers are ordering blinds for installation in the New Year.  We highly recommend that blinds are installed within two weeks of receipt to ensure that fabrics are not damaged due to extended periods of storage in packaging.

In the past we had reports of damage to blinds after being stored in packaging for too long in hot and humid summer conditions.  Some fabrics were known to stick together and in some cases the blockout backing peeled off the fabric in parts.  This occurred during very wet conditions when blinds were stored over a number of weeks in high heat and humidity; therefore it is important to stress the recommendation that blinds be installed as soon as possible to prevent any fabric damage or warping.   Please keep this tip in mind when ordering blinds well ahead of installation dates.

Assistance for Fitters:  Betta Blinds have videoed Measuring, Installation and other maintenance tips and published videos on You Tube  This includes programming remotes for motorised blinds, how to change from normal roll to reverse roll on blinds, and many other tips.  Access via our website or click on You Tube icon link at the bottom of this newsletter.   These are handy training tools for fitters and sales staff and can be viewed while on site via iPhones and iPads.


Betta Blinds and Awnings endeavours to keep our customers up to date with all the latest information. These Product Notes keep you informed of all product and price changes. NB: Please note all of the changes to our product and fabric ranges, and update your records and swatch samples accordingly. This will help safeguard against presenting products to your retail customers which may no longer be available, or quoting with pricing which may have changed.
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