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 Newsletter - September / October 2013 - No. 71

Zeebra Chalk 3

Featured Fabric: Zeebra

Price Reduction: Blockout and Light Filtering have both gone down a category in our pricing.  Zeebra is one of our most popular fabrics.  Great pricing in our In House Range, which will have online ordering discounts for Panels, Romans (from 1st October) to go with the already existing In House Rollers discount.   Zeebra Vertical Coming Soon

Important Notice - Price Changes

As advised in our email dated 11th September 2013:

Due to price increases by our suppliers (partially due to the drop in the Australian dollar), along with freight and wage increases, rather than increasing our prices across the board, in line with these increases, we found where we could also shave prices.  We went back to the drawing board to re-calculate all costs from scratch on all products.

Unfortunately some product prices have increased but we have endeavoured to keep these to a minimum.

The great news is that many products are now available at a lower price than before.   

More good news: We have also restructured our Online Ordering Discounts for all customers selecting fabrics from our In House Collection (including Filigree).  These discounts are now on vertical blinds, roman blinds and panel glides.  These join the already existing 10% online discounts for In House roller blinds and Woodlook venetian blinds. 

We also happily continue our Early Payment Discounts of 5% as per existing arrangements with account holding customers.  

New Printed Price Lists are being posted today to all current trading customers.  Please advise if you require a USB version of price list.  Price Lists will be available for download from website at a later date.  PDF version of new price list is available immediately - Please contact us to have this emailed to you. 

Pricing is unchanged on Awnings, Slimline Venetians and New Generation Verticals.

Some examples of savings and increases are as follows:

Many fabrics have gone down within category pricing and some have gone up.

Zeebra fabric has been reduced a category for both Blockout and Light Filtering.  Dawn Mini has also gone down 2 categories within new pricing.

Depending on fabric category and size of blind, prices on Roller blinds have increased, including Builders and In House ranges, however some prices have gone down within roller blinds pricing.

Vertical Blinds have increased.  Note: a 5% discount is now available for online ordering, excluding Builders Range

Roman blinds and Panel Glides are now available in our Builders Range. 

Great price reductions on the majority of roman blinds.  Smaller blinds are dearer and large/medium blinds are cheaper than they were.

Panel Glide pricing has changed, with a price per track and price per panel.  Price reductions across the board. 

Most Woodlook Venetians and Cedar Venetians have gone down in price (see example in article below).

Please be aware that there is no longer a separate section for Motorised Romans and Motorised Rollers.  Motorised prices are now included within these products pricing.




Louvolite Fabrics are now included in the Betta Blinds Rollers/Romans/Panels Fabric Collection, and in the Vertical Blinds Fabric Collection. Many beautiful new fabric ranges are now included in these collections, such as Vines and Poppy pictured above.


Louvolite Collection Binders are now available at 25% off normal price. 

Roller Roman Collection Full Price $154.60 - Discounted Price $115.95

Vertical Collection $69.30 - Discounted Price $41.98




Zaru (pictured above)
Please Note: Both of these new release Filigree fabrics are priced as In House Collection for Rollers, Romans and Panels. Special online discounts also apply.

Quebec is a beautifully textured fabric that is reminicent of raw silk. 

Its versatile nature means it can be used in both a contemporary or traditional setting, and is guaranteed to suit any decor.

It comes with a colour coordinated blockout coating and is available in 6 fashion colours at 2800mm wide.

Suitable for Rollers, Romans and Panels.



Zaru is a sunscreen fabric that was designed to be decorative.

Sunscreens are the ultimate solution for heat reflection, glare protection and letting some natural light into a room.   Have you found that sometimes screen fabrics are not decorative enough, and a little too stark for some interiors?  Zaru has the same solar and optical properties, but is also a more decorative interior solution.

The polyester yarn has been coated with two colours to give it a  natural look. The weave is open enough to maintain the view to the outside but tight enough to reduce glare with a 3% openness factor. For peace of mind, Zaru is VOC free, UV resistant and fire retardant. It is available in 5 colours.

Please Note: Due to the random dying of the yarn, to create a more decorative look, the pattern will vary from time to time.  Within the swatch you will note, some of the weave has a vertical look and some has a horizontal look.

Natural Beauty
  Cedar Venetian Blinds

Renowned for its natural beauty and outstanding physical properties, Western Red Cedar is one of the world’s most unique softwood species, preferred for nearly all purposes where attractive appearance or resistance to weather is important. 

Cedar Venetian Colours Medium Dark or Medium Light. Available Lacquered and Oiled.  Please note that cedar has naturally occurring variations in timber grain and colour.

Reduced Prices: Cedar venetians have predominately come down across the price grid by an average of $36 per blind on the most common sizes.  Smaller width & drop blinds are more expensive.  Example of savings: 1800 x 1800 $39 cheaper than before, 2100 x 2100 $74 cheaper per blind, 2400 x 2400 $115 cheaper. 900 x 900 $34 dearer.

 Polar Taupe
  30% off Rollers in Polar run out

Polar features a vertical texture in both translucent and blockout. Available in 10 colours ranging from classic neutrals to bold chocolates. The Translucent option offers superior light filtering properties, providing privacy while letting in natural light.

30% discount In these colours only (while stock lasts):

Colour Type Piece Sizes Metres Available
FERN B/O 7 7
PUTTY B/O 2.5/4.3 6.8
ALPINE TRANS 4.5/3 7.5
CREAM TRANS 23.3/8.5 31.8
FERN TRANS 25.5 25.5
SNOW TRANS 7.7/19.1/30  56.8
TAUPE TRANS 12.2/27 39.2
STRING                   TRANS       9.5


 New Motorisation Options

We've seen a big pickup in the popularity of motorised blinds and awnings in recent times, so have taken the time to include new products to our roller blinds range. 

New options include Alpha Motors, and the Jai Intro Green Solar Motor.

The Somfy Wire Free range has also seen increase in popularity recently.  See more info here.

Motorisation options are now included in the pricing for for Roller and Roman Blinds.  Prices for motorised blinds are not in a separate section in our price list anymore. 

5 year warranty on Somfy and Jai motors, 7 year warranty on Alpha motors.

Important Product Notes and other information


Orissa: Heritage Vertical Fabric, Colour Pumice 127 and 89mm

Uniline: Roller and Vertical: Dawn
Hase, Raindrops Apricot, Sage; Lattice Granite, Classic Ash Blue, Melaleuca Copper, Uniweave Trans Flax.

Shaw Daintree Blockout: Graphite, Nutmeg, Otter, Raffia, Daintree Light Filtering: Moonstone, Raffia, Jute, Nutmeg, Mink, Black, Dove, Graphite, Otter 

Please remove the above colours from your swatches.

DELETED ROLLER FABRIC RANGE Shaw Kiama.  Please discard your swatches.

DELETED AWNING FABRIC RANGE HVG Visiontex Solar. Please discard your swatches.

New Fabric Width:  Urban Shade by Shaw, now available in 3000mm width, Mercury by Wilson now available in 2750mm width (2800 listed on swatch, this allows for selvedge)

NEW FABRIC COLOURS: Wilson Stone, Cinder, Snowgum, Silver, Ironbark, Chinchilla, Black

Cedar Venetian Colours:  Medium Dark or Medium Light.

Battens - New Batten Swatches are available.  These are being posted out with the new price lists.  If you don't receive one and would like one please email your request.


Toddler dies after becoming tangled in blind cord: Police are investigating the death of a young boy who was discovered on 22nd August 2013 with a cord from a vertical blind wrapped around his neck.  The 19th month old was found in his cot in Port Stephens NSW.  He later died in hospital.  

This is a reminder to the industry to ensure safety warnings are attached to window coverings and appropriate safety devices are installed.  Please ensure your installers are fully aware of the Australian Mandatory Standards for Corded Blinds.  Please direct them to the Product Safety Australia website: Click Here

Click here to download child safety brochure for your retail customers. 

The ACCC will shortly be releasing the Consultation Paper on the Installation of Corded Internal Window Coverings.  This document is an extension of the current mandatory standard.  This will be circulated to BMAA members for comment.


GOODS DAMAGED IN TRANSIT:  If you receive goods that have been damaged in transit please follow this procedure detailed in this PDF file to here

Warranties / Returns

Before attempting to return any custom made product, you must notify the office to obtain approval. Returns will not be accepted without such prior approval and cannot be processed unless accompanied by the relevant paperwork.  Please complete a fault form and email to us along with any photos of fault if available.  Download Fault Form PDF or Excel version

Flaws and production mistakes MUST be reported within TWO weeks of installation of product to allow rectification work to proceed if necessary.  

Product should be installed within two weeks of receipt to ensure fabrics are not damaged from extended storage in packaging.  Warranties may not apply if goods are stored in packaging for extended periods. 

Additional Notes on Fabrics:

  1. Due to transport and storage methods and the nature / characteristics of fabric blinds, acrylic backed fabrics can sometimes rub and create pinholes. Fabric manufacturers supply and recommend the use of their paint kits for minor on-site repairs, such as pin holes. This is the same paint/coating used by the fabric manufacturers and is made of the same components as the backing of the fabric. We recommend that the fabric manufacturers’ touch up paint be used to restore the skins prior to any possible approval for skin replacement which may beIt is recommended that Fabric Touch up Paint Kits be carried by all installers. 
  2. Natural cotton or polyester/cotton compositions can often have inherent fabric characteristics. Due to the nature of these fabrics and their intended “natural“ woven appearance there may be some small cotton seed lines and short thick places in the yarn, which are part of the inherent natural characteristic of these fabric e.g. Palm Beach, Kiribati etc.
  3. Translucent fabrics can change colour depending on the amount of light, or lack of light illuminating
  4. Some fabrics with very strong and dark colours can be seen through the white acrylic coating e.g.: some 5th Avenue colours.

Note for Fitters:  Betta Measuring and Installation videos and other maintenance tips are also available on You Tube (access via our website or click on You Tube icon link at the bottom of this newsletter).  This includes programming remotes for motorised blinds, how to change from normal roll to reverse roll on blinds, and many others.


Betta Blinds and Awnings endeavours to keep our customers up to date with all the latest information. These Product Notes keep you informed of all product and price changes. Please take note of all changes to our product and fabric ranges, and update your records and swatch samples.  This will help safeguard against presenting products to your retail customers which may no longer be available, or quote with pricing which may have changed.
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