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Edition 60 - October 2012 Newsletter

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October 2012 Newsletter - Edition 60

10% Discount on Panel Glides and Roman Blinds*
Take advantage of our great special offer in a variety of styles: Plain, Classic, Mode or Plantation.  This discount applies to online orders and is valid from Friday 5th October until 31st October 2012.

*This special offer is for fabrics selected from the In House Collection
panelglide2Plantation Style Panel Glide

(Don't forget the additonal 10% discount on Roller Blinds in the In House Collection fabrics for online orders)

The larger 63mm slat gives a shutter look without the cost.
Whitevenetian   For Orders received during October 2012 we are offering a 10% discount on 63mm Woodlook Venetian Blinds in colours WHITE and IVORY only.

10% discount is also available in all colours in our 50mm Woodlook Venetian range

Discounts apply to online orders.  5% for emailed or faxed orders.  Plus 5% Early Payment Discount!

All of our venetian blinds are beautifully handcrafted resulting in a superior product which we believe to be the finest timber-look blinds on the market!

Excellent product in areas that experience high humidity and for wet areas due to non-porous surface.  Easy to clean.  Strong and light-weight the Headbox System and components are guaranteed for 5 years




Price Correction: Vertical Drapes - Category E.
For size Width 2332 x 600 Drop - Price previously listed as $123, this should be $113.  Please download corrected price llist from our website, or contact us to have one emailed to you.

Price Category Change: Wilson increased their prices effective 1st October 2012, however we have kept most Wilson fabrics in their current categories, and delayed passing on the price increase until 1st November 2012.  Mercury and Polar:  Blockout is now Category 5 – Uncoated is now Category 4
(Some of these fabrics are Available In Stock Run Out List at 30% Discount On Roller Blinds - Click Here To See Run Out Stock List)
To download the new fabric list Click Here

Stock Delay: This vertical drape fabric is still denoted as not current in our Online Ordering. An ETA is not yet available for Uluru Marble 127mm. Estimated ETA for Uluru Marble roller fabric is 31/10/2012.
Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any enquiries about stock availability.

Discontinued Colour: Madera Natural Timber Venetian - colour Eggshell.

New Fabric Release:
by Texstyle.  Category 6.  See details below.


For safety and security reasons we do not allow members of the general public to have access to our despatch area at our factory location. 

Therefore, please note that you should not arrange for your customers to pick up their retail orders from our factory premises.

Factory/Despatch hours are:
Mondays to Thursdays 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Fridays 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Any pickups outside of these hours must be arranged in advanced.  Administration staff are not expected to assist in loading orders into vehicles.

Run Out Stock
30% Discount on Roller Blinds for these fabrics, until current stock runs out

Fabrics include Suncreens, Blockouts, Translucents from: Wilson, Bricos, Shaw, Hunter Douglas, Orissa, Texstyle and Uniline Fabrics in selected ranges and colours.

Click Here to Download Stock Availability List


""IT'S HERESAY, BUT THE WORD IS THAT A LOCAL IMPORTER OF FINISHED BLINDS IS CLAIMING HIS COMPANY WILL "WIPE EVERY LOCAL BLINDMAKER OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH",... seeming to insinuate that this individual is going to take great pleasure in killing off local manufacturing and jobs."   
Window Furnishings Australian Magazine - Issue September 2012 (with permission James Boston)

We hope that this attitude offends you as much as it does us.  Help protect Australian jobs by supporting Australian manufacturers.  Lost jobs in our industry cause a domino effect, leading to consumers without jobs unable to support you in the retail sector.

                           buyoz                           ozmade

Remember the boomerang symbol on our Fabric Collection signifies fabrics manufactured in Australian mills.

Betta Blinds and Awnings is an Australian owned company whose products are manufactured on the Sunshine Coast using local and imported fabrics and components.  We support Australian suppliers and always endeavour to supply a simply stunning product at the right price, while at the same time sticking to our motto of "Service How It Should Be". 

We welcome feedback from our customers, so if there is a way you think we can improve our service to you please contact us.   Thank you for buying from Betta Blinds, we appreciate your support.

Positano is available in 11 amazing colours and is jacquard woven using Italian yarns.   The texture of the fabric allows subtle beauty and full blockout during the day, and stunning glistenng tones at night.   Positano is elegant, sophisticated and a must for all fabric collections. (Category 6)
100% Polyester | Blockout coating with acrylic foam | Width: 3,000mm +/-2% | Blockout, test to AS-2663-1999 | Mould and Mildew protection | Fabric is treated with stain and soil release for easy care. Wipe clean with warm soapy water and damp cloth. Dry naturally away from direct heat. | Positano Features & Benefits - Download PDF
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Different cultures developed their own types of blinds through the centuries and archaeological remains suggest blinds had been used by tribes all over the world.

Egypt: Ancient Egyptians would tie together reeds to place over their windows to block the view of others.  

China: In China, bamboo was used in a similar manner and is still used today in some areas of Asia. 

In the Desert: In order to keep cool, people who lived in the desert would not only make blinds out of cloth, they would wet the blinds to make it cooler inside. 

Medieval Times: Even back in the Dark Ages blinds were used to block out light. People of wealth would have more elaborate and decorative window treatments and even include blinds around their beds to protect them from any breeze that may blow in.

Early Venetians, who were great traders, are thought to have brought the idea of the blind from Persia to Venice. Once the Venetian slaves were freed, they are thought to have brought the blind to France for personal comfort, as a means of making a living. “Les Persienes” is what Venetian blinds are called in French. (also called Persian blinds)

1760     Related patents were taken out in England by Gowin Knight
1761     St. Peter’s Church in Philadelphia in the US was fitted with Venetian blinds
1767     John Webster of London was the first pioneer of the Venetian Blind in the US. Following is the first known print advertisement for wooden blinds to appear in the “New World” having been placed in the “Pennsylvania Journal and Weekly Advertiser” on August 20, 1767 by said John Webster:
“…the newest invented Venetian Sun Blinds for windows, on the best principles, stain’d to any color, moves to any position, so as to give different light, screens from the scorching rays of the sun, draws a cool air in hot weather, draws up as a curtain, and prevents being overlooked, and is the greatest preserver of furniture of anything of the kind ever invented…” 
     Edward Beran patented Venetian Blinds in London.
1776     In illustrations, venetian blinds are shown at Independence Hall in Philadelphia (at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776).
1787     Blinds appeared in the painting “The Visit of Paul Jones to the Constitutional Convention”. 

Since then, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, venetian blinds have widely been adopted in office buildings to regulate light and / or air.   Burlington Venetian Blind Co., of Vermont placed one of the biggest orders for Venetian blinds for the windows of the 102 storey Empire State Building in New York City.

Pictured Below: Advertisments from 1931and 1932, and the Empire State Building built in 1930-1931
history1     history2      empirestate
Go to our helpful videos on the Betta Blinds You Tube site to find out how to change a venetian blind cord, ladder or slat.
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