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The Betta Blinds and Awnings
Folding Arm Awning Range

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Cabrera XL

Heavy-duty, full cassette awnings.

Cabrera XL Folding Arm Awning

Piccolo Folding Arm Awning

Ideal for smaller spaces.

Sirocco Folding Arm Awning

Classic styling for Larger Spaces.

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Veri Shade... the clever curtain.

Latest Release

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Transition from translucent to opaque
at the simple turn of a wand.

Veri Shade... the clever curtain.

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3.1 The Client acknowledges the information provide to Betta Blinds in this agreement has been given to Betta Blinds for the purposes of it assessing the financial standing and credit worthiness of the Client and its guarantor/s and the Client and its guarantor/s hereby:-

3.1.1 authorise Betta Blinds to make enquiries and obtain any information from bankers and business referees mentioned in this agreement or from anybody else Betta Blind may reasonably consider necessary;


3.1.2 acknowledge that Betta Blinds has informed the Client and its guarantors that in accordance with section 18E (8)(c) of the Privacy Act that certain items of personal information about the guarantor/s contained in this agreement are permitted to be kept on a credit information file and might be disclosed to credit reporting agencies;


3.1.3 that in accordance with sections 18H and/or 18K and/or 18L(4) of the Privacy Act the Client and the guarantor/s agree to reports given by Betta Blinds for the purpose of the assessment of this agreement and to establish the credit worthiness of the Client/guarantor/s;

3.1.4 authorises Betta Blinds to exercise the Client’s/guarantor/s rights of access to
credit information of the Client and the guarantors.

3.2 The Client agrees that Betta Blinds may give to and seek from any credit providers whether or not named in this agreement any reports or information that have any bearing on the Client/guarantor/s credit worthiness, credit standing, or credit capacity or any:

3.2.1 assessment of any credit application made by the Client;

3.2.2 default made by the client or guarantor/s in this agreement;

3.2.3 exchange of information between credit providers as to the status of its account with Betta Blinds when the Client is in default of this agreement with Betta Blinds;

3.2.4 assess the Client’s credit worthiness at any time; and

3.2.5 assessment of the Client’s director/s personal credit history containing personal information in respect to confirming this agreement.